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Students injured in I-44 bus crash released from the hospital

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - A school bus crash on I-44 Thursday morning send several children to the hospital. Hospital staff says that all 13 student are recovering and have been released from St. Louis Children's Hospital at around 3pm Thursday. That includes the child who was thrown from the bus, out the emergency doors.

Hanna Woods Principal Dr. Patrick Shelton rushed to St. Louis Children's Hospital when he got the news. He was there to meet with the students' parents as doctors examined the kids.

Doctor Kim Quayle says some students got X-rays. It appears none had broken bones.

"They're able to talk to us. Tell us their names explain what hurts what doesn't hurt and again all of these children were very calm and cooperative and able to help us in that regard," said Doctor Kim Quayle.

While the doctor checked to make sure they were physically okay a child life therapist helped on the emotional side of thing. Hospital spokeswoman Abby Wellner Samle says experience can be rattling especially for these young kids ages 5-12.

"They make sure that they're doing okay. They talk to them at their levels and they make sure if there are any procedures that need to be preformed that they are informed all along the way," said Abby Wellner Samle.