Big Bend bridge over I-270 to close from May to August

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) - It is the little road project that could mean big headaches all summer long. MODOT is closing the Big Bend Bridge over Interstate 270 from May until August. The work has already started.

There have been lane closures at night on 270 at Big Bend. The bridge overhead will completely shut down May 25th. MODOT estimates 12,000-16,000 drivers cross the bridge daily. They’ll be looking for another way across.

The Mother's Day rush had overtaken Greenscape Gardens nursery at Barrett Station and Dougherty Ferry Friday. Customers were just glad traffic hadn’t overtaken the drive to get there.

“I can’t imagine the traffic. I’m sure it needs to be done. It might be an issue,” said customer, Katie Hirsch.

“It definitely affects my commute because I come from Kirkwood,” said Jen Schamber, of Greenscape Gardens. “Yeah, it’s going to effect a lot of people. It’s going to be very confusing.”

There have already been nightly lane closures below the bridge as workers install a type of heavy duty netting to catch any falling debris. The bridge is not being completely demolished, only the aging deck is being replaced. The bridge was built in 1962.

The project is far from ideal for attractions like the Museum of Transportation and Greenbriar Hills Country Club plus nearby Des Peres Hospital and businesses like the nursery. People may wonder about keeping the bridge open and just replacing one lane at a time.

The word from MODOT is that would nearly double the length and cost of the close to $3 million project.

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