Funeral home faces backlash after visitation with veteran’s body on gurney

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CATOOSA COUNTY, GA – A dispute between the family of a deceased veteran and a funeral home has gone viral. A picture of George Taylor’s body on display at a visitation has outraged many on Facebook. The deceased was placed on a gurney and draped with an American flag.

Taylor’s family says Heritage Funeral Home refused to put Taylor in a casket because of problems with the life insurance payment. His family was given little or no notice before the visitation.

WTVC-TV reports that funeral home representatives who say they did what the family asked and did nothing wrong. They also said since the photo was shared on social media, they’ve been receiving threats from the community.

The family and the funeral home came to an agreement on Friday. Taylor’s body was placed in a coffin in time for the service and burial.

Ella Moss took to social media Thursday to say the funeral home refused to provide a casket despite the family allegedly sending a check. Her post was liked nearly 1,000 times and has nearly 2,000 shares.

Moss is a family member, although it is not clear what her relationship is to the deceased. She posted the picture of the body to Facebook with this caption. “This is what Heritage Funeral home did to this United States veteran. Heritage was told by insurance company that there check would be there tomorrow. They had to receive the death certificate first , before releasing the check. An they over nighted the checked to them. But they still refused to allow him to be put in a casket. This is how his friends an family had to see him. I am in total disbelief. Can someone please help me get ahold of a news reporter. I can not find a phone # for them anywhere. What a disgrace they have done to this soldier.”

The funeral home and the family came to an agreement before Friday afternoon’s service. Taylor was placed in a coffin in time for the service and the burial.