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Two-year old critically injured after being ejected from car during crash

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ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- A two-year old was ejected from a car involved in an early morning crash Saturday. St. Louis Police say that child is in critical condition and is not stable.

Street crews spent Saturday morning repairing the damage along Natural Bridge near Cora.  Witnesses say two cars were involved in a crash that resulted in a two-year old being ejected from one of those vehicles. The crash happened around 2:00am.

One neighbor, who asked not be identified, said the wreck was so bad that the child was not found right away

“I heard other adults saying, ‘Where’s the baby? Where’s the baby?’ and that’s all. I didn't hear anything from the baby.”

The crash happened near the Eddie Randle and Sons Funeral Home. Its owner, Sharon Gardner, told FOX 2, “I saw this and the police told me to get back because the baby had been ejected from a car.  And my heart just kind of broke for that. They were out here for about 4 hours.”

Witnesses say the driver of the other car did not stay at the scene.

Gardner said, “And when I saw this. I just could not believe how this car looking as it looked… like it’s totally destroyed almost. They say a guy got out of it and limped away. So I don't know if it was stolen or if he just didn't want to be around when they came.”

This isn’t the first time a fence has been taken down at this funeral home. The owner says enough is enough.

“Something needs to be done.  We have uh ... it just keeps happening and it`s getting worse.”

The unidentified woman added, “Oh yeah they race all the time … motorcycles, cars… they act like they own the highway. It’s horrible.  You know this is not a safe street. It`s just a horrible thing.”