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Search for missing teen on the Big River to resume Thursday morning

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MO (KTVI) - The search for a teen who was pulled under by the current at Rockford Beach in House Springs ended around 8 pm Wednesday with the teen still missing.

According to Austin Dixon around 4 pm he and his friends Logan and D-Mack started swimming across the Big River over to some rocks. About three-quarters of the way Austin said D-Mack got tired and started swimming on his back.

D-Mack's friends said the 14-year-old high school student from St. Louis wasn`t a great swimmer.

Austin said Logan made it across the river but D-Mack was getting pushed further into the current, so he swam over and grabbed a hold of him.

“I went for him and I grabbed him we started swimming against the current and we didn`t get very far, we got to the wall I grabbed something on the wall and it came right out of the wall,” said Austin.

He said the two got swept into the current, he still had a hold of D-Mack until they hit a large rock. “The look on his face he was so scared, I never saw it before in my life, it looked like he knew he was going to die or something he was so scared.”

Both of them were sucked under the current but Austin resurfaced about a minute later. “I was laying on the rocks over there and all I could think was come on D-Mack you got to come up you got to come up,” said Austin.

Crews will resume their search Thursday morning around 6 am with sonar and divers.