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City residents hope crime prevention summit will dampen spiking violent crime

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NORTH ST. LOUIS - A crime prevention summit was held Saturday in North St. Louis in an effort to stop the violence, "It's very timely that we are having this event. We all have been shaken by the rash of violence that is happening in our community, said Sal Martinez.

Some community leaders say it’s a vicious cycle the community has to collectively work together to try and end.

With the recent number of homicides reported in the City of St. Louis, community leaders are working together prevent violence.

"I think everyone is very concerned about the recent violence and violence that occurs throughout the year. Not just the last two weeks, this is the purpose of this summit we have to care about every single victim," said Mayor Lyda Krewson.

Saturday morning hundreds attended a crime prevention summit at the O'Fallon Park Recreation Center in North St. Louis. "What we can do as a collective within our community to reduce violence and to begin to have a very serious talk on how we reduce crime in the City of St. Louis," said State Senator Jamilah Nasheed.

Participants wanted a productive forum for discussing strategies to prevent violent crimes and improve safety for area residents.

"I don’t know what is wrong with the young people, that they are killing each other," said Shirley Everett.

Community leaders say it's important to educate children about alternatives to violence and inspire them to make good choices and say they will continue to do what it takes to unite to end violence in the St. Louis Community."

The proliferation of guns in the City of St Louis is a direct correlation to what we are seeing in our community with the high murder rate. What we have to do is begin to become tough on crime and make those who are putting guns in our community to go to jail," said Nasheed.