STLMoms: Who pays for child expenses

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ST. LOUIS_ When parents divorce, one of the biggest issues is child support. Who pays for medical bills, insurance and college?

The courts will decide that for you.

But what about all the other activities, like camps and sports?

Attorney Jonathan Marks with The Marks Law Firm breaks down some of those issues.

What causes most problems:

  • First, a party paying child support will claim that a certain expense is covered by the monthly child support, and that may or may not be true.

How can parents avoid this confusion:

  • Parties can include a definition of child support in their decree and what it covers and a list of items not covered. Further, the parties can agree on how these uncovered expenses would be handled in terms of joint decision making and the share of expense born by each agreed upon expense.

After the parties have set out clear categories, they should agree on a decision making process for approving an expense and how that expense will be shared.

Parents should work together on coordinating activities and expenses.