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The benefits of intermittent fasting

ST. LOUIS — Do you fast?   You may want to consider it once you hear about the health benefits.  Jen McDaniel with the Academy Of Nutrition and Dietitics is here this morning to talk about intermittent fasting or IF.

The two most popular approaches are:

  1. 5/2 fast: 5 days of normal eating & 2 days of fasting (24 hour fast).
  2.  Alternate fasting: Diet where you fast every other day. In this approach, a fasting day means you eat around 500 calories, and normally the other days of the week.

Short term research shows that intermittent fasting can help people lose weight, but more importantly, maybe lose mostly body fat, not muscle.

Typically in weight loss you lose 25% muscle/75% fat, but the Intermittent approach shows you only lose about 10% muscle/90% fat.

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