Chance the Rapper

Chance The Rapper honored at BET Awards

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LOS ANGELES (AP) _At the tender age of 24, Chance the Rapper has accepted the humanitarian award during the BET Awards on Sunday for his work in his hometown of Chicago, winning over fans for both his musical talents and his philanthropic efforts.

One of his biggest fans, former First Lady Michelle Obama, delivered a taped message for the rapper, saying he was an ``outstanding role model'' who shined his big light on young people in the community.

Chance acknowledged that the honor felt early in his young career, but said, ``My God doesn't make mistakes.''

The rapper said he didn't prepare a speech. When the crowd cheered at one point, he urged them on, telling them to ``Please, gas me up!'' The cheers grew louder, and he shifted his remarks from his own feelings about the award to other topics.

His wide-ranging speech called out several institutions, including the federal government, the Chicago public school system and the judicial system. But he ended by saying he was a good man, and he wanted to be better.