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Mailbox bomb found in Kirkwood

KIRKWOOD, MO - When a Kirkwood resident went to get her mail early Thursday morning, she discovered a two liter bottle in her mailbox filled with aluminum foil and a liquid.

Before touching the bottle, the homeowner called police, who responded and then called in the fire department and the bomb and arson squad.

Kirkwood Detective Bob Bruhy said the device, typically called a "Drano bomb," was removed and disposed of safely; but it could have been much worse.

The homeowner posted about the bomb on their neighborhood Facebook page and that’s when someone a few streets over realized they had picked up something very similar from their yard and tossed it in a trash can.

Bruhy said although nothing happened, that also could have been bad because now you have something potentially explosive basking in the sun. He is encouraging anyone who sees something strange to contact police.

“If anyone sees anything like this what so ever just immediately take it as extremely dangerous, back away from it and immediately call the police department,” Bruhy said.

Bruhy said if a mail carrier was injured, then the person responsible would have faced a federal offense.