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Kids raise money for handicap accessible playground with lemonade stands

CHESTERFIELD, Mo. – It's a summer tradition – the lemonade stand. There are a few to choose from this evening in Chesterfield, like the one at Bridle Creek. The kids will be here until 6:30 p.m., trying to raise money for their friend so everyone can have the chance to play.

The kids first had the idea when they were in the first grade. These kiddos and classmates at High Croft Ridge Elementary in Chesterfield realized their classmate Wyatt Gehbauer, who has cerebral palsy, couldn't play on the playground with them.

So a series of lemonade stands were put together.

The first one, at the end of June, raised more than $1,100. They need about $10,000 to put in an all-inclusive surface at the school, as well as some new equipment.

“I asked him on our way here and he said it makes him sad that he can't play on the playground,” says Leah Gehbauer, Wyatt’s mother. “I think he's overwhelmed that all of his friends want to play and everyone should play. That's the best part of elementary school is recess and the playground.”

Four lemonade stands were held in Chesterfield today. The group of families and second graders plan to hold another lemonade stand before school starts in August.