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St. Louis couple attacked, hope neighbor’s surveillance video helps catch suspects

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ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis couple is attacked, robbed and beaten at gunpoint as they were getting out of their car.

Mark Zschiegner, who is one of the victims, said that the attack happened around 2 am in the Fox Park neighborhood.

Zschiegner said that he and his fiancé were parking on their street when an SUV drove by heading south on Nebraska Avenue before making a U-turn while the driver cut off the headlights and stopped right in front of the couple.

He said that's when some people got out of the car brandishing what he believes were handguns. He said three suspects attacked him, punching him in the head and face while another suspect went around to the passenger side and grabbed his fiancé.

Zschiegner said the attack according to video captured on a neighbor's surveillance camera, lasted about 15 seconds.

"It happened that quick," Zschiegner," fifteen seconds of your life gone like that. He puts the gun right up to my head and I got a bruise on my head."

In the video you can see and hear Zschiegner and his fiancé desperately trying to fight off their attackers.

"You can just see them gang up on and beat on me and I went down and I went that way and you can see the little blood trail," described Zschiegner as he held an ice-pack against his right black-eye.

Zschiegner said the suspects took his wallet, his car and house keys and broke his prescription glasses.

"And then I hear them let's go go and ran into their little vehicle and took off," he said.

Zschiegner said that he has turned in the video to police for review.

The couple currently has a GoFundMe page set up to help replace some of the expensive items stolen.