Former St. Louis police chief’s mother indicted on embezzlement charges

ST. LOUIS - Former St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson said he was shocked to hear about a four-page indictment laying out federal charges of wire fraud and embezzlement against him mother.

Prosecutors allege Carol Dotson did it while working for an Olivette-based commercial real estate business she’d been operating since 1990.

The indictment reads in part, “at times…Dotson wrote multiple checks to herself in a single month amounting to approximately $20,000,” adding, “Dotson embezzled over $2 million.”

The federal government is going after two west St. Louis properties to get back some of the money for the victims. Two homes on Ellendale were subject to forfeiture. Fox 2 News knocked on the doors of the properties and a relative said Carol was not around.

We not only reached out to Carol Dotson’s son, but also the mayor’s office, since the former police chief continues getting paid as a city consultant.  The mayor’s office did not respond, but Sam Dotson said that beyond being shocked, he’s also saddened.

Dotson said he’s been estranged from his mom for years.​