Where to buy protective solar eclipse glasses

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ST. LOUIS — The Great American Eclipse is just days away. There are more warnings from optometrists about looking directly from the sun. Doing so could seriously damage your eyes.  Experts in eye care are weighing in on the biggest sight to hit the area since the year 1442.

“Just a few seconds can burn the retina and you can have permanent damage.  In other words, you can have blind spots permanently affecting your central vision or color vision,” said Jay Pepose, Director of the Pepose Vision Institute.

Dr. Jay Pepose recommends ISO certified solar glasses to safely view the sun before totality, "The intensity of the sun is magnified by your cornea and lens.  So just like you might take a handheld magnifying device and aim it at a leaf.  The leaf would start to catch on fire and you`d burn a hole in a leaf.  The same thing could happen with your retina.”

The time before totality, and after totality, is when eye doctors agree is most crucial to have your solar eclipse glasses on. Especially if you're looking up.

“I am worried in that I want to make sure that people get this message.  If you don`t enjoy this phenomenon safely I worry that we will see people that suffer this kind of damage to their eyes.” Aid, Kumar Rao, Professor Ophthalmology at Washington University School of Medicine.

Retina specialist and ophthalmologist Kumar Rau, is encouraging parents to keep an eye on children.

“It can be hard to know at the time that you`ve damaged your eyes.  Because you know when you have a bright flash come in and you have the after effect.  The problem is with this event, if you look long enough at that bright sunlight...that after effect lasts forever.”

And that`s not the memory you want to make of a once in a lifetime event.

Buy the eclipse glasses online.

You can buy the glasses in St. Louis here.

Grab the glasses online at Amazon or Walmart

Locations in the Greater St. Louis area where eclipse glasses can be purchased



Archangels Gift Shop 3461 Hampton Ave St Louis MO 63139 Price of the glasses: Price $1 to $3 depending on quantity Method of payment: Cash or credit cards Hours available: Open Tuesday to Friday 11am to 6pm Open Saturday. 11am to 5pm Phone Number: (314) 645 2256
Challenger Learning Center 205 Brotherton Lane Ferguson, MO 63135 Price of the glasses: $2 each Method of payment: Cash or card Hours available for purchase: 8:00 am to 3:30 pm Phone Number: (314) 521-6205
De Soto Public Library 712 South Main Street De Soto, MO 63020 Price of the glasses: $1 each Method of payment: Cash Hours available for purchase: Monday 9-5, Tuesday 9-7, Wed. 9-5, Thurs. 9-5, Friday 9-5, Sat. 9-2 Website: http://dspl.missouri.org/2017-great-american-eclipse-de-soto/ Phone Number: (636) 586-3858
Eastern Missouri Dark Sky Observers 10575 West Greenshire Lane Marthasville, MO 63357 (private residence, please call (636) 433-5479 to schedule pickup of glasses) Price of the glasses: $2.00 per pair plus cost of mailing or if nearby will meet at agreed upon location (as long as supplies last) Method of payment: Cash -Check Hours available: call or email. Phone Number: (636) 433-5479 or email rschwent@centurytel.net Ask for Rick Schwentker, President
East Saint Louis Public Library 5300 State Street East St. Louis, IL. 62202 We have 400 eclipse glasses for sell. Cost $2.00 each. For anyone wishing to purchase all 400 the cost is $1.75/each. Phone number: (618) 397-0991 Ask for Ms. Dansberry
Geo Communication Services 545 N. Commercial St. Clair, MO 63077 Price of the glasses: We have ECLIPSE VIEWERS, glasses and "Get Your Eclipse on Route 66" buttons $2 each. Custom Eclipse Postcards - $1. Viewers are 3x5 cards suitable for intermittent viewing. Glasses are plain white, suitable for kids or people with contacts. Will mail up to 5 glasses for $2 S&H or multiples thereof. Other items/quantities please call for shipping quote or to arrange pickup Method of payment: Cash/Check/ CC via Paypal Hours available: 9:30 am - 5 pm. Phone Number: (636) 667-4162 or email geocommservices@gmail.com Website: http://geocommunications.net
Old Bus Stop Coffee Shop and Art Gallery 545 N. Commercial St. Clair MO 63077 Price of the glasses: $10 ECLIPSE VIEWERS $2 each Viewers are 3x5 cards suitable for intermittent viewing "Get Your Eclipse on Route 66" Buttons -$2 4 different style Eclipse Postcards $1 each Old Route 66 Bus Stop Method of payment: Cash/check/Credit Card over $10 Hours available: Tuesday - Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. most weeks Phone Number: (636) 606-6136
Owensville-Rosebud Tourism102 S. Cuba St. Owensville, MO 65066 Price of glasses - $25/bundle of 50 ($.50 each) Method of payment: Cash or check Phone Number: (573) 437-4275 or email ortourism@yahoo.com for shipping/delivery information.
Saint Louis Science Center Planetarium/Gift Shop 5050 Oakland Ave. St. Louis, MO 63110 Price of the glasses: Book with 2 glasses $10.99+tax and individual glasses are $1.99 + tax. Method of payment: Cash and Credit card. No checks. Hours available: 9:30 am to 4:30 pm Phone Number: (314) 289-4466
Scopedawg Optics LLC 3115 Lake Ridge Dr. Highland, IL 62249 (private residence, please call (618) 401-3342 to schedule pickup of glasses) Price of the glasses $3 each or 4 for $10; Discounts available for larger volumes; Plastic glasses also available ($20). Method of payment: Cash, check, ccard or Paypal. Hours available for purchase 24/7. Phone Number: (618) 401-3342 Address where the glasses can be purchased: order online at www.scopedawgoptics.com or call to arrange for pickup
The St. Louis Storytelling Festival, a University of Missouri Program 4207 Lindell Blvd., Ste. 400 St. Louis, MO 63108 Price of the glasses $2/pair, $18/10 pair, $62.50/50 pair and $100/100 pair (see note) Method of payment: Cash, check or card Hours available for purchase: In-person – 9 – 5 pm MF; by phone, 24/7. Website address: www.stlstorytellingfestival.com Phone Number: (314) 266-4833 Any special notes: Our glasses each come with a detachable coupon, which can be entered into a raffle drawing at our Festival – May 3-6, 2017. Prizes include a free space mission tour at the Challenger Learning Center in St. Louis; free CD’s from NASA Native American storytellers; scholarship to a summer 2017 Science storytelling camp; and other great prizes from science organizations in St. Louis.
Washington, Missouri Tourism Visitor Center, 301 W. Front St. Washington, MO 63090 Price of the glasses:

  • 1-20 pair - $2 each
  • 21-50 pair - $1.50
  • 51-100 pair - $1
  • We will not sell over 100 at this time.

Method of payment: Cash or check is accepted. Hours available for purchase – 10am – 5pm, every day of the week Phone Number: (636) 239-7575