Made in St. Louis: Hot Charlie’s Hot Sauce

ST. LOUIS, MO — A local hot sauce connoisseur has a bottles of his special recipe that he is making in St. Louis.   Charlie Backer is the owner of Hot Charlie`s Hot Sauce.  His passion has turned into a business.


Originally, Backer created Hot Charlie`s to serve to friends and family at holiday events or parties. Soon, word got out and Backer was receiving requests from people across the country. He knew he had a hit.

Hot Charlie`s is made with a unique blend of peppers, vinegar, spices and real garlic and manufactured in the St. Louis area. Backer created the recipe to be perfect as a condiment or as an ingredient to add spice to any recipe from hamburgers and wings to sauces and potato salad.

Hot Charlie's Hot Sauce
5640 B Telegraph Rd. ~ Suite 313