Local couple in Puerto Rico as Hurricane Irma strikes island

One local couple is stuck in Puerto Rico while Hurricane Irma pounded the Caribbean island Wednesday evening.

Shay Wells moved to Puerto Rico with her boyfriend, Daniel, in July. The couple is riding out the hurricane in Daniel’s mother’s home, just a few miles from San Juan.

“We have water stored, we have food, we have ice and all of that stuff, so we are prepared,” Shay said.

Shay said being from St. Louis she has no idea what to expect from a hurricane.

Daniel has lived in Puerto Rico his whole life and was there during the last major hurricane (George) but said Irma and the possible hurricanes to follow are new to everyone in Puerto Rico.

“Right now, there is one hurricane after another,” Daniel said. “It’s a new phenomenon for the locals here; believe me, even I am astonished about it.”

As of Wednesday night, the couple was without power and running water.