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Hillsboro theater hosts clowns-only premiere of ‘It’

HILLSBORO, Ill. - The clowns were out in Hillsboro, Illinois Thursday night, for a clowns-only premiere of 'It'; the remake of the horror film based on Stephen King's novel.

"We're kind of known for doing big premieres at this theatre here," said Cary Eisentraut, Orpheum Theatre. "We decided to capitalize on it by having a clowns-only premiere where you have to dress up as a clown to go to the 7 o'clock shows."

But that type of premiere came with some mixed reaction about the safety of sitting in a dark movie theatre with people dressed in costume. To address some of those concerns, no masks were allowed inside of the theatre and a second showing was added at the same time to allow people who didn't want to dress up in costume to still participate in the premiere.

"It encourages going to the movies and taking a risk," Eisentraut said.

About 70 or so people participated in the clowns-only premiere and when asked about safety worries, no one seemed to be concerned.

"They're not allowed to have masks here, just the paint; and it's a pretty small town, so everybody is usually pretty mellow," said movie-goer Jennifer Meece.