Provident mental health: Community unrest, stress after Stockley ruling

ST. LOUIS, Mo. _Times of community unrest can cause collective community stress. That’s what the therapists’ at Provident have encountered since last Friday’s Stockley decision.

Provident is a St. Louis-based counseling service that’s been around since 1860. Margaret Schicker, Director of Counseling, tells us what issues people are having since the protest.

They currently offer suicide prevention/life-crisis services, counseling, and after school programming.

· People can usually manage the stress for a few days. It’s a week or two later when the mental health challenges really set in.

· For many, this distress is due to the fact that they immerse themselves in updates about world events every waking moment.

· Set limits for your information intake. Take breaks from social media and alerts to make sure you`re spending time doing things that are comforting and soothing to balance mental health.

· Make time with positive people. Talking through your stressors and and learning about how others are handling similar feelings can be very therapeutic.

· Take time out for things that give your life a healthy structure. Physical activity, extra sleep, and soothing activities like reading books can all provide a great break from the volume of the situation.

· If you’re feeling overwhelmed, make time to talk to a professional. Venting your feelings with someone who is trained to help you determine the best strategies for your particular feelings can be extremely helpful.

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