You Paid For It: Hazelwood Schools add another administrator position

HAZELWOOD, MO - Parents ask the You Paid For It team to get to the bottom of a new six figure administrator in the Hazelwood School District. The school board hired a Deputy Superintendent to assist the District's Superintendent.

The Deputy Superintendent will make $155,000 a year. You pay the superintendent $235,000. All this at a school district in the midst of a State Audit of its books to see if it's wasting money.

Parents collected signatures to get the audit in part over all the six figure administrators on the payroll at a time the district was slashing programs for kids.

You Paid For It got the state records showing all the administrators hired by the Hazelwood School District. We discovered a number of assistant superintendents and other high paid administrators.  We tried to talk to the president of the school board but she had security intercept us.

Hazelwood School District: