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Renovations continue at Soldiers’ Memorial downtown

ST. LOUIS, Mo. - Progress continues on the major renovation ongoing at Soldiers Memorial Museum in downtown St. Louis.

One of the main areas being transformed is called the Court of Honor, located across Chestnut from the main building. Besides the concrete and granite walking area being put in, a reflective pool and fountain are also being installed.

“What we’re working really hard to do is make these engaging spaces for all visitors,” said Jody Sowell, the director of Exhibitions and Research. “It’s definitely going to attract a veterans’ crowd of people who are interested in military history, but we also want it to be appealing and engaging for people of all interests.”

Other areas are also being rehabbed. LED lighting is being added to the World War I memorial.

The inside of the memorial building is also being updated with additional exhibit space being added in the basement.

Organizers said the privately funded $30 million project is going to make a big difference in the future of the memorial.

“I think all of the work that’s currently taking place is going to result in a facility that is going to be much more interactive,” said project manager Karen Georing. “It’s going to encourage people to return time and again.”

The work started in February 2016 and is scheduled to be completed by Veterans Day 2018.

To learn more visit: MoHistory.org/SoldiersMemorial