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You Paid For It: Washington Park mayor agrees to pay Board of Trustees ally

WASHINGTON PARK, IL  -A lot of questions being raised after the mayor of Washington Park, IL decided to pay his political ally on the Board of Trustees a sum of $38,000. Trustee Clyde "Stonewall" Jackson says he was owed the money from seven years ago when he worked as a part time police office for the village.

There’s never been a hearing on the claim. Two previous mayors turned him down. But Mayor Ricky Thomas, Jackson's political ally, decided he would pay up. That's got at least one trustee asking questions. Ferris WIlliams says there's no documentation that the Village owes this money. He believes it's the mayor taking care of his political buddy.

Mayor Thomas admits Jackson is an ally but says that had nothing to do with the payment.

The mayor gave Jackson a check for $12,000. The village will pay the rest off at $1,000 a month, all of this at taxpayers’ expense.