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Police arrest urban decay tourist at old Jamestown Mall

ST. LOUIS, MO — Police find shattered glass and make an arrest at the Jamestown Mall.  It happened nearly 24 hours before a key meeting on the future of what has become a St. Louis County eyesore.  Authorities say what happened at the site Sunday afternoon is a prime example of why this meeting is so important.

Shortly after 4:00pm a security officer noticed shattered glass at the mall. Police responded and arrested a 35-year-old woman for trespassing. Police say she claimed to be taking photographs. The buildings are now full of mold, peeling paint, dead animals, and asbestos.

The sprawling, 1.2 million square-foot mall opened in 1973. After 41 years, it closed for good in 2014.

The 5pm open house is for public input on how best to re-develop the property at Lindbergh and Old Jamestown road near Blackjack in north St. Louis county.