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This Illinois kindergarten’s ‘Thanksgiving Cookbook’ will make you giggle

MOUNT VERNON, IL – Illinois Kindergarten teacher Kathy Hollenkamp has been asking her class for recipes for Thanksgiving dishes for the last 20 years. She wants to see how kids think the food is made. Her daughter Macy’s tweets of the hilarious “Thanksgiving Cookbook” have gone viral. They have been shared ver 70,000 times and even landed her an interview with Buzzfeed.

Macy tells Buzzfeed that the Summersville Grade School in Mt. Vernon, Illinois her mom types up the recipes the students tell her. She puts them all together in a cookbook to share with parents.

This is a letter sent home with the students:

“Dear Parents,

Our Kindergarten class spent a lot of time discussing the meaning of Thanksgiving and the lovely meal you prepare for them to eat. We brainstormed a list of food we feast on and then each child chose one of their favorites to write a recipe for. We have them typed up to create our very own Kindergarten Thanksgiving Cookbook for you to enjoy. Maybe these recipes will help you out while preparing your family dinner.

Mrs. Hollenkamp”

See them all here: