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Some folks are born curious. I plead guilty to that. A strong sense of curiosity and a commitment to public service have fueled my interest in news reporting.

My first assignment was writing stories about my junior high for the Tonawanda (NY) News. After heading west to major in journalism at the University of Missouri, I found my first TV job in St. Louis. Women TV reporters were oddities then, but when I started on the air in 1971, St. Louis audiences kindly accepted my work.

KTVI hired me in 1989 to anchor weekend news and cover government consumer stories for Contact 2. Today, my assignments include general news, politics and education stories.

From the Flood of '93 to the Pope's visit - from presidential nominating conventions to stories of personal adversity and courage - TV news reporting gives me a front row seat for history in the making!

Recent Articles
  • St. Charles election director challenger claims error on a sample ballot

    ST. CHARLES, MO (KTVI) – Misspellings and even missing words seem more common place in these days of rapid fire messaging via social media. But a mistake on a real ballot could be a violation of state law. That’s the problem a candidate for St. Charles County Elections Director saw when she discovered the “Director of Elections” title was missing from a sample ballot. Democratic nominee Kate Runyan requested a copy of the ballot on September 26th and was given […]

  • Gov. Nixon promises commission to tackle long standing racial issues

    FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Missouri Governor Jay Nixon, saying it is time to face long standing racial challenges,  promised an independent commission will address issues at the heart of the protests following the shooting death of Michael Brown.  It will be called the Ferguson Commission. “Throughout the history of our nation, we have struggled to treat all of our citizens as equals,” Nixon said to a small crowd of education, civic and political leaders Tuesday at Florissant Valley Community College […]

  • Artist rendering of  Belleville sexual assault suspect

    Sketch of Belleville sexual assault suspect released

    BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI)-Belleville police hope citizens will call with tips to help solve a sexual assault case.  A 51-year old Belleville woman told authorities she was pulled from her bicycle early Saturday morning and then sexually assaulted in an alleyway near the 1000 block of West D St. The woman said she had left a friend’s house and was bicycling home around 1:30 am when the attack took place.  She heard footsteps behind her and then a man pulled on […]

  • Undercover ATF agents shoot at vehicle in Ferguson apartment complex

    FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) – Shots were fired by federal agents but no one was struck by a bullet during an afternoon confrontation in Ferguson. A fortunate fact since many children had the day off from school. It happened at the Park Ridge Apartments where last week a man was shot and killed not far from a storefront used by a state senator and a St. Louis city alderman to register voters. A blue Chevy and an apartment were under surveillance […]

  • Occupy SLU protestors not welcomed by everyone on campus

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) –  A contingent of protestors remains in tents in the middle of the St. Louis University campus.  The “Occupy SLU” effort is one of several efforts to raise public awareness about issues of racial profiling, police tactics and recent police shootings. But some SLU students say the protestors have worn out their welcome.  “The reaction was good in the beginning,” said sophomore Eric Whitman.  “But I think some have decided it is not an open discussion […]

  • city-halle

    Mayor Slay meets with Ferguson protesters

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – A Group of demonstrators met with St. Louis Mayor, Frances Slay to voice their demands for action. The group called “Young Activists United” staged a sit-in at City Hall on Monday called for Thurday’s meeting. Mayor Slay says the tone was respectful. The civilian review board the group asked for is already being worked on. As are body cameras for police. the mayor explained to them how democracy works and many of their demands require […]

  • Court study shows fines weigh heavily on towns with larger African American population

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – An independent study supports recent complaints that small, municipal courts in St. Louis County are often revenue raisers for towns in the northern part of the county. Better Together, a not-for-profit studying fragmented government in St. Louis County and City, issued the document Wednesday. “Our report indicates a systemic problem that allows for some municipalities to survive on court fines and fees. Further data shows this is largely done on the back of poor black […]

  • St. Louis County Executive candidates debate at UMSL

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO (KTVI) – A new candidate for St. Louis County Executive entered the race Tuesday as the mainstream hopefuls were debating at UMSL.  Longtime activist and a member of the Michael Brown Leadership Coalition, Zaki Baruti announced he will be a write-in candidate for the office.  He said Democrat Steve Stenger and Republican Rick Stream had not shown “moral leadership” following the police shooting of Brown, an unarmed black teen. Both Stream and Stenger discussed the issues […]

  • Two peaceful protests in Ferguson on Saturday

    FERGUSON, MO (KTVI) –In Ferguson, two protests marked the “Weekend of Resistance” Saturday.  Several hundred people gathered at the memorial to Mike Brown on Canfield Dr. at 7pm to chant and wave signs.  One sign read “Black Lives Matter”.  Other signs called for justice in the police shooting of unarmed black teen Mike Brown. Mounds of teddy bears still circle a light pole near the shooting scene.  In the middle of the street, flowers and lighted candles mark the spot […]

  • St. Louis Police scramble radio traffic when protestors listen in

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – St. Louis City police began encrypting their radio conversations Friday morning after learning protestors were listening to police radio traffic with cell phone apps. “Information about police tactics was being shared over twitter and that put officers and the public at risk,” said St. Louis police Chief Sam Dotson. Basic information about police calls will be made available on a Metropolitan St. Louis Police website. Chief Dotson said his officers will protect the rights of […]

  • Protestors, family of Vonderrit Myers gather near Shaw Market Thursday

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Family members and protestors gathered near the market where Protestors showed up shortly Vonderrit Myers was shot by an off-duty police officer Wednesday night. This is the latest police-involved shooting raising concern among residents, some of which were already protesting the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson. Leaders from the Mike Brown Coalition told the media Thursday they believed the police officer, who is described as white, chased three young African-American males from the corner and […]

  • Ku Klux Klan flyers dropped in Fenton neighborhood

    FENTON, MO (KTVI) – KKK flyers offering neighborhood watch security were tossed on driveways in a Fenton neighborhood Wednesday.  Residents in the San Simeon Estates subdivision off New Smizer Mill Rd. found the leaflets in plastic baggies weighted with small rocks. The material was downloaded from a national website operated by the Ku Klux Klan.  A spokesman for the KKK, Frank Anacona said there are local Klan groups in the St. Louis area, but he did not know the reason […]