Chris comes to FOX 2 from KPHO-TV, the CBS affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona where he excelled as an investigative reporter. Chris won seven Emmy Awards for investigative reporting during his eight-year stint at KPHO-TV. Previous to that, Chris was a reporter for WFTX-TV, the FOX affiliate in Fort Myers, Florida.

Chris is a 1993 graduate of the University of Missouri-Columbia’s School of Journalism. It was in Columbia where Chris met his future wife Christy in a coffee shop.

While in Phoenix, Chris and Christy adopted two brothers who were 4 and 5 years old at the time. Their love of family has made their return to Missouri happy, since Chris’ mom and dad live in Springfield, Illinois and Christy’s parents live in Columbia, Missouri.

Chris has lived in Arizona, Missouri, Kentucky, Michigan, New York and several other states. He’s not an Army brat. He’s the son of a Presbyterian minister and the oldest of four children.

Chris loves music and is a self-taught guitarist. He enjoys singing, entertaining, and a fresh cup of strong coffee.

FOX 2’s Chris Hayes should not be confused with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

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