Charles Jaco is a reporter for Fox 2, as well as reporter, writer, and anchor of the weekly Saturday news program “The Jaco Report.”

He’s the winner of three George Foster Peabody Awards for broadcast journalism excellence, as well as two Edward R. Murrow Awards and five National Headliner Awards.

His experience in journalism and broadcasting includes being a correspondent for CNN and NBC Network Radio, and a talk program host for KMOX. He has written opinion and analysis articles for dozens of newspapers and magazines, and is the author of four books–two history and political analysis (Guide to the Gulf War and Guide to the Politics of Oil) and two novels (Dead Air and Live Shot).

He’s a graduate of the University of Chicago, and holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University.

Recent Articles
  • Who is to blame for the massive gridlock in Atlanta?

    (KTVI)– Atlanta and surrounding areas remained paralyzed again Wednesday after two inches of snow, and a coating of ice brought things to a halt. People slept in their cars or in stores and schools. Cars slid off highways. So who is to blame for this massive gridlock? To be fair, Atlanta really isn’t ready for snow. St. Louis, by comparison, has 70 snow plows. Atlanta, which covers twice the area of St. Louis, only has 40 snow plows.  Atlanta was […]

  • HUD secretary talks about federal initiatives in St. Louis

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– President Barrack Obama delivers his state of the union address Tuesday night, and Fox 2 will carry it live at 8 p.m. During the speech, the president’s expected to say that he’s unilaterally raising the minimum wage on all new federal contract jobs to over $10 an hour, despite opposition from Republicans. The president’s cabinet members have been making the media rounds before the speech. The HUD secretary says St. Louis was chosen to be part […]

  • Propane shortage raising rates for Missouri customers

    PACIFIC, MO (KTVI)– Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Monday declared a state of emergency and a Missouri state senator demanded an investigation over propane prices and supplies. Propane is in short supply and the price is skyrocketing. For thousands of people in rural areas that means either pay a fortune or not be able to heat your home. Propane prices have doubled even tripled in some areas. Some regions are short of propane.  Add the brutal cold, and that can be […]

  • What’s next for under performing Missouri schools?

    (KTVI)- We’ve spent decades trying to deal with the problems of schools in high-poverty areas. Some schools, like magnet schools in the city of St. Louis, have succeeded. Most have not. Now St. Louis County’s Riverview Gardens and Normandy School Districts have lost their state accreditation. So have Kansas City schools. And over a dozen rural Missouri districts could lose accreditation within two years. State law says students in those districts are free to transfer to neighboring, accredited school districts. […]

  • Is Right-To-Work right for Missouri?

    (KTVI)- Opponents of labor unions think they can get a so-called Right-To-Work measure on the Missouri ballot this year. If they do, Missourians will get to vote on whether to outlaw mandatory union membership in the Show-Me State.  Twenty-four states currently have Right-To-Work laws. Those laws say anyone who goes to work in any occupation where there is a labor union cannot be forced to join that union. Supporters say Right To Work states have created more jobs than elsewhere. […]

  • Are new data recorders on cars an invasion of privacy?

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– The St. Louis Auto Show is in full swing. The show opened at noon Thursday. The headliners are the all new GMC Canyon and the Chevy Colorado, both of which will be built at GM’s Wentzville plant. 95 percent of new cars are now equipped with a data recorder that tracks how fast you go and how you drive. Now, a federal law mandates the device in all new cars. And we asked folks here is […]

  • Boeing F-18 assembly line in St. Louis could close

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– The Boeing assembly line that produces F-18 fighter jets in St. Louis could close within 2 1/2 years, unless Boeing gets more orders for the super hornet jet. Congress and the president are giving St. Louis a slim hope fighter jet production will continue. The US Navy decided a few years ago to phase out its F-18’s on aircraft carriers in favor of the Lockheed-Martin F-35. The argument was the F-35 would be a stealthier, 21st […]

  • All Normandy students to be transferred if district goes bankrupt

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Missouri Education Commissioner, Chris NiCastro says thousands of Normandy students will probably be physically moved to different schools in different districts before the school year ends if the Normandy District is bankrupt by April 1st. The District says it will be unable to pay its bills after April 1st, because it has paid so much in tuition and busing costs for transfer students. Normandy is asking for $5 million in state emergency funds to make […]

  • St. Louisans hope to make mission to Mars

    (KTVI)-Go to Mars and never come back. That is the goal of more than 1,000 finalists selected by the Mars One program. Mars One is a privately-funded plan to establish a human colony on Mars starting ten years from now, in 2024. It is a colonization mission. That means it’s a one-way trip, no return trips to earth. Established by Dutch entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp, Mars One is raising money through donations and expects most funding will come through revenues from […]

  • Battling child abuse and neglect in Missouri

    (KTVI)-The Missouri Department Of Social Service’s Children’s Division is in charge of investigating accusations of child abuse and neglect. But, according to the Springfield News-Leader, the agency is short of money and people. So short that the newspaper says the head of the Children’s Division sent out a memo last summer ordering staff to stop any abuse or neglect investigations that take longer than 90 days. Critics say this means a lot of abused and neglected kids in Missouri will […]

  • Hillsboro school on lockdown ends; ammunition found at school

    HILLSBORO, MO (KTVI) – A lockdown at Hillsboro High School is over after authorities reportedly found ammunition at the school. That’s the word from students inside the building, but school officials have not confirmed that report. Hillsboro R3 officials say the school went on lockdown just before 9a.m. as a “precautionary measure.”  Administrators say staff and students were not at risk. FOX 2 reporter Charles Jaco received text messages from students inside the high school saying administrators told them there […]

  • I-70 construction downtown to affect weekend events

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A major shutdown will take place this weekend downtown affecting events like the Cardinals Winter Warm-up and Blues game. Starting at 8 Friday night, Interstate 70 downtown will be completely closed between the Poplar Street Bridge and Pine Street. Crews will be demolishing the Walnut Street Bridge as part of preparations for the city, Arch, river park over the highway project. There will be detours to direct those driving downtown. The park over the highway will […]