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Dan Gray joined the KTVI Fox 2 News team in 2004 and the KPLR News 11 team in 2008. He anchors Fox 2 News at 11 AM and News 11 at Noon and reports weekdays for both stations. Dan also does part-time anchoring at KMOX Radio.

From 1992 to 2003, Dan was an anchor/reporter for KSDK-TV in St. Louis. He also worked as an anchor/reporter at KOVR-TV in Sacramento, California and KETV-TV in Omaha, Nebraska.

Dan has won several journalism awards including seven Emmy awards. He received the “Best Anchor” Emmy four times. He has been nominated for Emmy awards numerous times.

He has interviewed presidents, celebrities and covered major events including floods, earthquakes, elections and papal visits.

Dan is a native St. Louisan and a frequent speaker at schools, charity and civic organizations. He has been active in The BackStoppers, St. Louis Jewish Community Center, the ALS Association of St. Louis, the American Liver Foundation, A Safe Place; Provident of St. Louis, HavenHouse St. Louis, Safe Place for Youth in Need, St. Vincent’s Home for Children, and The Salvation Army.

Recent Articles
  • Police investigate car break-ins in Swansea

    SWANSEA, Ill. – Neighborhoods in Swansea, Illinois have been hit hard by car break-ins this week. Authorities are warning residents to be alert, especially during this holiday season. Swansea police have issued what’s called a ‘code red alert’ to residents warning them to keep their car doors locked and report any suspicious activity. At least nine cars were rummaged through on Wednesday night in two neighborhoods within a half-mile of one another. The incidents happened in the northwestern part of […]

  • SSM Medical Minute: Meniscus Tears

    ST. LOUIS – A misstep on the sports field or an awkward move while twisting or turning at home or work is sometimes all it takes to tear the meniscus, the rubbery piece of cartilage protecting the knee. “It serves a super important purpose in terms of shock absorption,” said SSM Health DePaul Hospital Sports Medicine orthopedic surgeon Dr. Ryan Pomajzl. He says a meniscus tear is very common and can happen at any age he will first consider a non […]

  • SSM Health SLU Hospital offers new prostate cancer screening tool

    Fusion guided biopsy combines MRI and ultrasound to produce 3D image of the prostate Specialists at SSM Health Saint Louis University Hospital have a new alternative for prostate cancer screening fusing MRI and ultrasound that studies show has a higher detection rate than traditional methods. Called image navigated prostate biopsy or fusion guided biopsy, urologists “fuse” images obtained through MRI with those gathered through ultrasound. The overlaid MRI image combined ultrasound gives a 3-D ultrasound/MRI view. Urologists can use the […]

  • Pay It Forward – Meet the lady who buys feminine products for homeless women

    FESTUS, Mo. – The homeless face many problems, but something that is not often discussed is how a woman adjusts to personal and physical issues while living on the streets. In this edition of ‘Pay It Forward,’ Dan Gray introduces us to Donna Kaucic of Festus, who launched an organization to buy sanitary products for women and girls in Jefferson and Franklin counties. Our Pay It Forward award is brought to you by First Bank. If you know of a […]

  • SSM Health Medical Minute: Living organ donation a year later

    Thanksgiving is a time to pause and be thankful, and for two cousins it means more than ever. One is alive thanks to the living organ donation of the other. We first met Tara Hicks and Monetta Lawson a year ago, just a week before Monetta was set to give her kidney to her cousin. The two cousins are as close as sisters and Monetta didn’t think twice about giving Tara the life saving gift. Tara’s kidneys went into failure […]

  • Documentary “89 Blocks” shows football’s impact on East St. Louis players, community

    EAST ST. LOUIS, Ill. – The East St. Louis High School football team will be in the national television spotlight Sunday. “89 Blocks” is the title of a documentary that chronicles the East St. Louis Flyers undefeated championship season in 2016.  It also tells the story how in one of America’s poorest and most dangerous cities, football is a reprieve for the players. When they step on the field, the challenges that face them and their community can be forgotten […]

  • Former St. Louis TV reporter played a role in bringing down Charles Manson

    ST. LOUIS – The death of Charles Manson reminds a former St. Louis television journalist about how he played a role in bringing down Manson. Fox 2/news 11’s Dan gray talks with al Wiman about finding critical evidence thrown away by the killers. In 1969 Al Wiman was with KABC Channel 7 in Los Angeles. His TV crew was the first on the scene of the horrific Manson murders. We had no idea we thought maybe it was a murder suicide when we […]

  • Local business leaders sleep on the streets to raise awareness for teen homelessness

    ST. LOUIS – About 37 business executives bundled up in coats and sleeping bags to fight the cold overnight as wind chill temperatures dipped into the 20s. For these local entrepreneurs, it was a cold and uncomfortable lesson in homelessness. “I woke up a lot of times. I would roll over cause I was uncomfortable. I felt the wind going through my cardboard box,” said Peter Leibold, Ascension Health. Leibold was shocked when he heard more than 3,000 young people […]

  • Massive warehouse fire destroys businesses, while posing serious health risk

    ST. LOUIS – As the massive fire in south St. Louis rages, there are side effects that the St. Louis Fire Department is warning the public and businesses in the area. The warehouse fire is entering its 8th hour of burning, the public and nearby businesses are being warned about the pollutants in the air from the fire.  Area businesses and residents are being told to turn off their heating and air conditioning units to limit their exposure to the […]

  • St. Louis firefighters spend day battling five-alarm fire

    ST. LOUIS – Two St. Louis firefighters and a warehouse employee were treated for minor injuries Wednesday after a building in a south city neighborhood caught fire. The fire started around 10:30 a.m. in the basement of Park Warehouse Services, located at 3937 Park Avenue, near St. Louis University Hospital.  About 12-15 people were inside of the one-story building at the time. Between 80 and 100 firefighters responded to battle the blaze. The fire is burning so hot and bright that […]

  • Driver wounded in road rage incident near Hanley and I-64 intersection

    RICHMOND HEIGHTS, Mo. – A man was shot and wounded on the outer road near Hanley Road and Interstate 64 in Richmond Heights Tuesday.  Police said the shooting was the result of a road rage incident. Around 1:00 p.m., two drivers, one in a white van and the other in a passenger car, got into a verbal argument while at a a stop light waiting to turn west from Hanley Road onto the North Outer Road. Police said that the […]

  • SSM Health Medical Minute: The importance of getting a second opinion

    The American Heart Association suggests people inquire about a second opinion if they are told they need heart surgery. People have little hesitation to get a second opinion about their car, house or when making a large purchase, but with their health we often just rely on what a single physician tells us. The AHA recommends it because other options may exist and the best way to do it is to get other physician opinions. Dr. Richard Lee, SLUCare Cardiac […]