Jeff Bernthal came to KPLR-TV as an intern from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in1988. He spent the next three years working behind the scenes before being hired as a full time reporter. His first story was the expansion of the St. Louis Science Center. Throughout his journalism career, some of the major events he’s covered include the 1996 Democratic National Convention in Chicago, Hurricane Andrew in Florida and the Flood of the Century in St. Louis.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch and the St. Louis Journalism Review have recognized Jeff numerous times for his outstanding reporting. He is a St. Louis native who feels fortunate to anchor and report the news in the city he knows best. He has served on the board of directors for the National Conference for Community and Justice of Metropolitan St. Louis (NCCJSTL.) This organization is dedicated to fighting bias, bigotry and racism and promotes understanding and respect among all races religions and cultures. The group helps promote and celebrate the diversity of St. Louis. Jeff attributes his position as a reporter that he’s had the good fortune of discovering first hand how diverse the St. Louis community is.

He is proud to be associated with Children’s Miracle Network, a non-profit organization, which raises funds locally, for both Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital and St. Louis Children’s Hospital.

Whether he is attending a performance by the St. Louis Symphony Orchestra or a concert at The Pageant, his love of music is varied. He enjoys playing golf, cooking, Cardinals Baseball and he says he “Bleeds Blue,” (for the St. Louis Blues.)

You can watch Jeff Bernthal on News 11 weeknights at 7pm.

Recent Articles
  • Cynthia Wofford, 53
Courtesy: Ste. Genevieve Police

    Woman charged with attempted child abduction, assault in Ste. Genevieve

    STE. GENEVIEVE, MO (KTVI)- A Perryville, MO woman is accused of trying to kidnap three girls in Ste. Genevieve. Cynthia Wofford, 53, is charged with attempted child abduction, assault, child endangerment, and harassment. On Sunday afternoon, October 11, police say Wofford drove her Dodge Ram onto a sidewalk and blocked the way of three girls, two sisters and a friend, who were walking home along Highway M, nearly hitting them.  One of the girls told police that Wofford told them, “You […]

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    NLDS: Cardinals face Cubs for first time in postseason play

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)- Welcome to Red October. The National League Divisional playoffs begin Friday evening in St. Louis as the Cardinals take on the Chicago Cubs. The Cubs advanced to the NLDS after a 3-0 win over the Pirates in the NL wild card game Wednesday night. Back in the lineup for the Cardinals is catcher Yadier Molina, who missed several end of season games with a strained ligament in his left thumb. That injury happened during a September […]

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    Indiana fraternity’s charter revoked after sex tape goes public

    BLOOMINGTON, IN (KTVI) – A college fraternity with chapters in Missouri and Illinois has its charter revoked at the University of Indiana after a sex tape surfaces on social media. The Alpha Tau Omega fraternity suspended all chapter activities at the university. The video is too graphic to share, but it shows what appears to be a fraternity member engaging in what looks like a sex act, while a crowd of other half-dressed members clap and cheer. The early accusation […]

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    Cardinal and Cubs fans set to face-off in playoff series

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – St. Louis baseball fans have mixed emotions over facing their rival in the playoffs.  Some Cardinals fans say they can’t wait for the National League Division Series to get underway Friday.  Then there are Cardinals fans who fear losing the series. “Bottom line…we don’t want to lose to the Cubs,” said one Cardinals fan watching Wednesday night’s game at Ballpark Village. “We can’t lose to the Cubs.” The crowd included some tables were Cardinals fans and […]

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    Cardinal Playoff banners going up around downtown St. Louis

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – There are signs of all shapes and sizes around St. Louis celebrating the success of the Cardinals.  Downtown STL Inc. hopes the city will be blanketed with signs of support for a team that’s helped boost downtown activity. “It makes a huge difference to the vibrancy and really the economy of downtown,” said Melissa “Missy” Kelley, Downtown STL Inc. President & CEO.  She said anyone walking around downtown during the playoffs can feel the added energy. […]

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    911 emergency call could be affected by Illinois budget impasse

    BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – St. Clair County is taking the state of Illinois to court over funding for the county’s Emergency Telephone System Board. The state collects money from a cell phone tax, but has stopped distributing the money to Illinois counties because there is no budget agreement. “I believe the state of Illinois is playing a dangerous game with the citizens of St. Clair County as far as public safety goes,” said Herbert Simmons, director of the St. Clair […]

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    East St. Louis high school football team forced to forfeit because of strike

    EAST ST. LOUIS, IL (KTVI) – There is no Friday night football in East St. Louis tonight. The Flyers are forced to forfeit because of a teachers strike. There is word from the teachers union that a federal mediator will meet with the two sides Monday. Until then, no school and no sports. A labor dispute between the East St. Louis School District And striking teachers means the football field will remain silent. In fact the East St. Louis Flyers […]

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    Giving neighborhoods a voice in the legal process

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – It’s a way to fight crime without relying on police. Some say the neighborhood ownership model has been an effective way to give communities a voice in the legal process. Thursday night, residents at the Buder Branch Library on Hampton Avenue in south city heard from a representative of the St. Louis Circuit Attorney’s Office. Rachel Smith helps residents find ways to share their concerns through a court advocacy program. “A lot of people look to […]

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    Fans react to Cardinals winning the NL Central Division

    ARNOLD, MO (KTVI) – Cardinal fans in Arnold were glued to the TV sets at Hotshots as the Cardinals played the Pirates Wednesday night. Fans were happy to see the Cardinals win the NL Central Division after battling injuries all season. ReporterJeff Bernthal talked with fans to get their reaction to the Cardinals win.

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    Mothers scammed twice over Taylor Swift concert tickets

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Ticket buyers beware.  Scam artists are in St. Louis.  One group of Taylor Swift fans was even duped twice in one night. April Newell and Amy DeSalme wanted to take their daughters to the concert, but tickets were scarce.  They found a seller on Craigslist.  He told them once he received payment through an online service, the tickets would be available. “He was going to transfer the tickets to my name and I would get an […]

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    Glasgow Village man upset over truck being towed

    BELLEFOUNTAINE NEIGHBORS, MO (KTVI) – A Glasgow Village man feels like he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place.  He says his truck broke down on the side of I-270 and was towed before he could fix it.  Missouri law allows stranded vehicles to be towed if they’ve been left on the side of an interstate for more than 10 hours. “I think it’s a bunch of crap,” said Amandos Leonard. Leonard says his welding tools were inside the […]

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    Fires leave citizens in Salem on edge heading into weekend

    SALEM, IL (KTVI) – Residents in the small town of Salem, Illinois are bracing for what they hope will be a quiet night. Some believe an arsonist is targeting their town after witnessing two major fires during back-to-back mornings. The first fire destroyed the Old Brown Shoe factory and spread to another structure. The most recent fire was spotted Friday morning at a warehouse in the heart of town. Flames spread to the Pregnancy Care Clinic. “I believe our city […]