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John Pertzborn currently serves as co-anchor for FOX 2 News in the Morning from 7a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. Pertzborn joined FOX 2 in 1998. Prior to this, he served as a feature reporter from 1986 to 1997 at KSDK-TV and host of KSDK's Show Me St. Louis. Pertzborn was also a nationally syndicated feature reporter for the NBC News Channel from 1991-1998.

Pertzborn also worked as an anchor reporter at WBAY-TV in Greenbay, WI, WSAW-TV in Wausau, WI, WISC-TV in Madison, WI and WIBA Radio in Madison, WI.

Pertzborn has won numerous broadcasting awards including four local Emmys, two Illinois Press Awards, one SPJ Best Spot News Award, and The Edward R. Murrow Award. Pertzborn is a 1982 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism. He began his career as a child calling radio talk shows. One summer night in 1972 an announcer named Carl Ames invited young Pertzborn into the WKOW radio studio to be a guest on his show called "Nite Line" and that was just the beginning.

Recent Articles
  • St. Louis County Library unveils new bookmobile

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – When it comes to education, there is no greater gift than the love of reading. St. Louis County Library rolls out its new bookmobile this week, and spokeswoman Colleen Hall gives John Pertzborn a tour of the bookmobile on Fox 2 News in the Morning. The Sweet Reads Bookmobile will bring books and other library materials directly to neighborhoods in and around Spanish Lake. A library card is not required to use the Sweet Reads Bookmobile. […]

  • Fundraiser for St. Louis World Aquarium

    It’s sink or swim for the St. Louis World Aquarium, and President Leonard Sonnenschein chooses to swim. Attendance is down at its City Museum location, so this Friday night, Sonnenshine is throwing an adult’s only party with live mermaids, BBQ, and an auction to raise money.

  • How does Net Neutrality effect you?

    MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO. (KTVI)  – Yesterday, the FCC approved Net Neutrality regulations. But how does this effect St. Louis and the rest of the nation? Scott Schaffer of Blade Technologies discusses the new regulations.  

  • 38th Annual Builders Home & Garden Show Feb. 26- Mar. 1

    MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)- Are you ready for a tiny house? Think of the money you would save on heating and all the time spent not cleaning. Derek “Deek” Diedricksen,  Tiny House Builder who has designed, hosted and worked with HGTV, D.I.Y. and the History Channel is in St. Louis for the 38th Annual Builders Home & Garden Show at the  America`s Center & Edward Jones Dome. He joined us with more. 38th Annual Builders Home & Garden Show America`s […]

  • S.T.E.M., Robotic programs at Sylvan Learning Center

    MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO (KTVI)- The technology Glenn uses to forecast the weather and these robots share a similar stem. S.T.E.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Stem careers are considered one of the top future careers for today’s children. That’s what Logan Hannah and Nick Bukowsky are learning at Sylvan Learning Center. They each made these robots at age nine. Becky Gruendler is with Sylvan in Washington, Missouri joins us with more about their S.T.E.M. and Focus on Robotic […]

  • Bowtie Tuesday – High school student a bowtie star

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – On this edition of Bowtie Tuesday we look to a Belleville Central Junior High School student with a Star Wars name who is fast becoming a bowtie star. Anakin Black is a big fan of Bowtie Tuesday. Anakin’s mom, Angelina, works at Keils Antique Store, and occasionally buys vintage bowties for him. He also makes them out of duct tape for the other kids, so Anakin never goes solo.

  • Peanut allergies tied to cumin recall?

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – If you have peanut allergies, you should know about the cumin recalls. Cumin is a seed used in everything from taco kits and Cajun seasoning mixes, to beef and chicken. It’s a seed and a spice, but not a nut. So why this growing recall? Dr. Ernesto Ruiz, allergy and asthma health care specialist at SSM Health Care, visits Fox 2 News in the Morning to explain why national retailers are yanking the products off their […]

  • Evangelistic Center must reduce it’s shelter bed count or close it’s doors

    MARYLAND HEIGHTS, Mo. (KTVI) – On Feb. 18, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay said the city needs more shelters, up to 225 beds year-round. This announcement came a day after a city board finalized an order that will make Rev. Larry Rice’s New life Evangelistic Center close it’s doors or reduce the number of beds for the homeless by May. The center would need to reduce it’s current bed count from 200-325 beds down to 32. St. Louis Developer Brad […]

  • Red Cross offering free smoke detector installation

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Over the weekend, the American Red Cross and St. Louis firefighters installed nearly 50 free smoke detectors in the same neighborhood where a seven-year-old girl died Friday morning. Since February 1, the Red Cross of Eastern Missouri has responded to 56 fires and helped 171 individuals in finding temporary housing and accommodations. Sadly, nine people have lost their lives in home fires since January 25. Cindy Erickson, CEO of the American Red Cross of Eastern Missouri, […]

  • Service dog Charlie does his duty in defeating diabetes

    ST. LOUIS – Service dogs are capable of guiding the blind, helping wheelchair-bound individuals, and even monitoring small children with special needs. ‘Charlie’ the service dog helps Kimberlie Gregg manage her diabetes by anticipating sugar highs and lows far in advance, through paw presses and other canine gestures. However, just as in the case of adopting children, adopting a service dog costs lots of money, sometimes as much as $25,000. Fortunately, Gregg has raised nearly 96 percent of that amount, […]

  • Local Islamic group condemns county residents charged with supporting terror

    ST. LOUIS – One day after the arrest of St. Louis County residents accused of supplying money and military equipment to overseas terror organizations, the Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis condemned the involvement of any individual tied to violence or terrorism. Dr. Ghazala Hayat, a spokeswoman for the foundation and a contributor to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, visits Fox 2 News in the Morning to discuss the local Muslim community’s response. The Islamic Foundation of Greater St. Louis issued […]

  • New sleep recommendations by age group

    ST. LOUIS – From newborns to the elderly, how much sleep do you need? The National Sleep Foundation just completed a two-year sleep study and has compiled an age-related list. Dr. Joseph Ojile of the Clayton Sleep Institute visits Fox 2 News in the Morning to discuss the results of the study and deliver the recommendations. Newborn (0-3 months) 14-17 hours Infant (4 to 11 months) 12-15 hours Toddler (1-2 years) 11-14 hours Preschool (3-5 years) 10-13 hours School age […]