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John Pertzborn currently serves as co-anchor for FOX 2 News in the Morning from 7a.m. to 9 a.m. Monday through Friday. Pertzborn joined FOX 2 in 1998. Prior to this, he served as a feature reporter from 1986 to 1997 at KSDK-TV and host of KSDK's Show Me St. Louis. Pertzborn was also a nationally syndicated feature reporter for the NBC News Channel from 1991-1998.

Pertzborn also worked as an anchor reporter at WBAY-TV in Greenbay, WI, WSAW-TV in Wausau, WI, WISC-TV in Madison, WI and WIBA Radio in Madison, WI.

Pertzborn has won numerous broadcasting awards including four local Emmys, two Illinois Press Awards, one SPJ Best Spot News Award, and The Edward R. Murrow Award. Pertzborn is a 1982 graduate of the University of Wisconsin School of Journalism. He began his career as a child calling radio talk shows. One summer night in 1972 an announcer named Carl Ames invited young Pertzborn into the WKOW radio studio to be a guest on his show called "Nite Line" and that was just the beginning.

Recent Articles
  • Guidebook to St. Louis, neighborhood by neighborhood

    (KTVI) – Did you know that there’s a locally produced guidebook to St. Louis by and for St. Louisans? Amanda Doyles moved to the area in 1997.  She tells us about the second edition of her book and how she has become an expert on what to do in the city. For more information visit: stlguidebook.com

  • If the shoe fits wear it: Why measuring your foot is extremely important

    (KTVI) – Feet are becoming larger according to a U.K. study.  The average shoe size has increased two sizes since the 1970′s.  But what ever happened to the sales person who measured your foot and made sure the shoe fit? If you go in and buy your shoes directly off the rack, an orthopedic surgeon like Dr. Richard Lehman can tell the difference. He explains why measuring the size of your foot is extremely important.  He also talks about the […]

  • Germ expert on identifying healthy fruits after peach recall

    (KTVI) – When fruits or vegetables go bad, it’s pretty obvious because they look and often  smell differently.   But after this weekend’s peach recall at Costco, Trader Joe’s, Kroger and Walmart, how do you know when they’re germ free? St. Louis University’s Donna Duberg tells us with the answer.  She also gives healthy tips to keep in mind as you shop. Healthy Tips: **Wash your hands the right way **Wash surfaces and utensils after each use **Here`s how to wash […]

  • Junk food that’s actually good for you

    (KTVI)-   Some call it junk food, but Barnes Jewish Hospital Dietitian, Katie Lambert, talks about six things in the junk food category that can be healthy. Here are six foods and drinks that have been labeled junk food. Adding these back into your diet can help your health, heart and your waist line. Popcorn: Why you think it’s bad: It`s made in a bag that is loaded with butter, salt, and fat. Why it’s not:  Popcorn is high in […]

  • Ram’s Johnny Hekker throwing out first pitch at Busch Tuesday night

    (KTVI)- Ram’s Pro Bowl punter Johnny Hekker is getting ready for training camp this week, but tonight, he’s switching sports and throwing out the first pitch at the Cardinals game Tuesday night. John and Randi talk with Hekker about how he got chosen, Rams training camp, and more. He’s asking his Twitter fans to tweet suggestions of what kind of pitch he should throw. To follow Johnny Hekker and to make a suggestion: @JHekker

  • Stroke rates down in senior citizens, but not in youth

    (KTVI)- Stroke rates decline, but here’s what’s surprising. This decrease is among senior citizens and not for those 65 years and under. St. Louis University Hospital Cardiologist, Dr. Michael Lim, talks about study results in if he was surprised and what the lower level for seniors is attributable to. So, why do rates in younger people remain high? For younger people, lifestyle changes just aren’t happening like they should and that’s attributed to those issues. Here’s the story: Seniors in […]

  • Modern day foraging is new culinary trend

    (KTVI) -  There’s an unusual series of demonstrations next week in St. Louis called the Marfa Dialogues.  One of the demonstrations involves foraging for food.  Forager, Chef and Founder of Missouri Wild Edibles, Ryan Maher, explains more. MD / STL is a five-day series of public programs, workshops, installations and performances from July 30th – August 3rd.  This will take place at various venues in the St. Louis area such as the Pulitzer Arts Foundation, Tower Grove Park and more.  […]

  • Lower bedroom temperatures can improve your metabolism

    (KTVI) – You may need to cool it down in the bedroom.  Did you know that adjusting your thermostat to 66 degrees can help improve your metabolism? Dr. Joseph Ojile of the Clayton Sleep Institute joins us with the results of a very interesting sleep study that monitored metabolism during bedtime. For additional information visit: claytonsleep.com .

  • Divorce parties becoming a new trend

    (KTVI) – The marriage may be over but not the fun.  Divorce cakes are the latest craze of 2014.   But why stop there?  Throw your divorced friend a freedom party! Scott Hepper can bring a smile to their faces.  He’s the master designer at Walter Knoll Florist.

  • Taking vacations can be good for your health

    (KTVI) – Do you need a vacation?  Yes you do because a vacation is not a luxury it’s a necessity.  In 1948, the Framingham Heart Study indicated the chance of heart disease increased eight times, for those who didn’t vacation at least twice a year. Jennifer Morgan, Therapist at Morgan Counseling Services stops by to tell us why we need to get away. For more information visit: morgancounselingservices.com I

  • How to identify bugs and their bites

    (KTVI) – High moist grass has become the home for a new microscopic creature commonly called “chigger.”  It’s not a bug or insect but a baby immature mite that is similar to a spider. Its bite can itch for days and Total Access Urgent Care Dr. Carter Fenton Jr. stops by to tell us more about it. He also gives information on how to ease the pain. For more information visit: Totalaccessurgentcare.com

  • bughunt

    Register for the Butterfly House “Bug Hunt!”

    (KTVI) – Get out the mothballs because a big family fun Bug Hunt is crawling around at the Butterfly House. Chris Hartley, coordinator of Science Education at the Butterfly House, explains.   Each child can play exciting games and complete crafts to take home. Adults will be able to pick up information on attracting butterflies to their gardens and on building native bee houses. The actual bug hunts will be led by staff entomologists in the surrounding park land. It’s taking […]