Where to watch Fox 2 News during the US Open and World Cup soccer

I started in television working at KDNL, the FOX affiliate. My next job was at KTVI when it was the ABC affiliate. After the affiliation switch I was once again working at a FOX affiliate, only KTVI. Now I also work for KPLR, the CW affiliate.

When people find out that I work for a television station, they are really excited. I used to say, “It’s like working anywhere else, except you see Dick Ford in the hall.” Dick Ford is long retired so I still say the same sentence but insert the name of another on-air personality. But honestly, it is like working anywhere else.

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      Watch FOX 2 News at 9am, fill out this form and you might get a phone call from Kim Hudson.  Each day Kim asks viewers three questions.  If the questions are answered correctly then you’re entered to win a prize from FOX 2.  Don’t forget to leave your phone number.  We may be calling you from 9-10am. Due to World Cup Soccer airing on FOX 2, Three and It’s Free will not be played the week of June 18, […]