Kim Hudson came to the FOX 2 team, from News 11, in 2006 as a freelance engineer. She honed her skills with a talented behind-the-scenes team at both stations as a master control, dubbing, live-truck and graphics engineer. She also worked as freelance journalist for STL-TV, the government-access station for the City of St. Louis. In July 2010, Kim stepped in front of the camera for the FOX2/News 11 family.

She is truly a hometown girl, being a product of the St. Louis Public Schools and a graduate of the University of Missouri – St. Louis and its Pierre Laclede Honors College.

Kim has over ten years experience in St. Louis television and print, working as an engineer at KMOV Channel 4 (CBS) and as a contributing writer for the St. Louis Argus, St. Louis American and St. Louis Magazine.

Kim is passionate about all things St. Louis and supports the FOX2/News 11 family as a mulitmedia journalist.

Recent Articles
  • Health Watch: Preventing Kidney Stones

    Kidney stones has been described as the worst pain a human can feel.  Subtle signs of kidney stones include pain on one side of the back or abdomen.  Living a sedentary lifestyle or having chronic illness can cause kidney stones, but so can being an elite athlete. Kidney stones are most commonly formed when there are elevated levels of calcium in the blood. Causes include dehydration, obesity, pregnancy, sedentary lifestyle, bariatric surgery, as well as chronic medical conditions such as high […]

  • FOX 2 says goodbye to Web Producer Danielle Scruggs

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. – It is a bittersweet serving of Cookie Bites. FOX2 Web Producer Danielle Scruggs is leaving on March 23rd for an amazing opportunity! Check out the surprise guest that helped us say, “See you later!” and “Good luck!” Also, see how Danielle was on what she calls the “Cookie Couch” with her flawless plot predictions for the FOX Drama “EMPIRE”. Follow Danielle on her journey on social media at @Danielle Scruggs on Facebook and Twitter!

  • Health Watch: Hypertension Misdiagnosis

    SLUCare nephrologist, Dr. Paul Schmitz says up to a third of patients in the St. Louis area are misdiagnosed with high blood pressure.  Dr. Schmitz runs one of the only dedicated hypertension clinics in Missouri and finds many patients can avoid taking the wrong medications connected to white coat syndrome. “Very simply put, it’s office blood pressures that are above the normal range and home blood pressures that are within the normal range.”  Schmitz says 20 – 30% of St. […]

  • Health Watch: Quitting Smoking Starts with Key Questions

    Smoking is not a habit, but an addiction that may take several tries to break.  SLUCare vascular surgeon, Dr. Matthew Smeds says Missouri ranks 9th in the country for the number of adult daily smokers. “So as a vascular surgeon, I felt the onus was on me to to be involved with helping people quit.” If a patient is not completely sure they want to quit, or has tried to quit before unsuccessfully, Dr. Smeds starts with an interview to […]

  • Health Watch: Reducing Blood Pressure Medications

    Nearly one-third of American adults have high blood pressure and are at increased risk for heart attack, stroke, and damage to the eyes, kidneys or blood vessels. The good news is there are many ways to lower high blood pressure and reduce your risk. Doctors at one of the only dedicated hypertension clinics in Missouri work to reduce blood pressure numbers as well as the number of drugs patients take every day.  SLUCare Nephrologist, Dr. Paul Schmitz begins treating high […]

  • Health Watch: Relieving the pain of varicose veins

    Ugly veins, pain and bleeding are symptoms of varicose veins in the legs can affect a person’s self-image and their ability to do their jobs. Varicose veins, common in the legs and feet, are enlarged, twisted veins that may occur as a result of prolonged standing or walking. For many people, varicose veins are simply a cosmetic concern; for others, varicose veins can cause aching, pain and discomfort, leading to more serious problems. SLUCare vascular surgeon, Dr. Matthew Smeds will […]

  • Jesse Jackson addresses gun violence at Christ Church Cathedral

    ST. LOUIS – The Rev. Jesse Jackson sat down exclusively with Fox2 Sunday before a Black History Month forum hosted by the St. Louis Public Library and addressed the fatal shootings in South Florida, his native Chicago and across the country. At a rally in Parkland, Florida, a student expressed outrage after last week’s mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. “Because of the systematic failure of our government on every level, people are dying every day.” North St. […]

  • Health Watch: Treating Sports Injuries

    SLUCare sports medicine orthopedic surgeon Dr. Scott Karr met Joseph Clay after he injured his knee while playing football and later while playing baseball.  The Brentwood High School senior started recovery after surgery when he was just a freshman. “I went to physical therapy, 6 months each time for a total of a year. I did have a lot of follow up meetings here with Dr. Karr and some of the other doctors here. I’m back to playing football, doing all […]

  • Man found dead in Lafayette Avenue house fire

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. – A man was found dead after a fire Tuesday morning in south St. Louis. It happened around 10 a.m. on the second floor of a two-story building in the 4300 block of Lafayette Avenue, west of Tower Grove. Police have identified the victim as 56-year-old Lamont Hill, of the 4400 block of Shaw. Officials originally reported the home was vacant. According to St. Louis Fire Captain Garon Mosby, there were bars on the doors so firefighters had to make […]

  • Health Watch: Pregnancy Centering Trending with Expectant Moms

    Pregnancy centering is a new approach where pregnant women receive their prenatal care, support and education in a group with other moms who are due around the same time.  Just like networking to achieve success in work and school, the same is true when striving for a healthy pregnancy and delivery.  Maureen Foster, SLUCare certified nurse midwife leads pregnancy centering groups at SSM Health St. Mary’s Hospital. Foster and her team of certified nurse midwives says pregnancy centering is a […]

  • Health Watch: Diagnosing and Treating Endometriosis

    Endometriosis is a condition where endometrial tissue is found outside the uterus, most often in the pelvic region and even over the bowel and bladder. In addition to discomfort, endometriosis can lead to chronic pelvic pain and infertility. SLUCare Dr. Patrick Yeung, Jr., OB/GYN and director of the SLUCare Center for Endometriosis says, “It’s a condition where cells which line the uterus are shed during the period are found outside the uterus and planted on the periteum, which I call the […]

  • Mammograms available at 9th Annual Living Fit Expo

    ST. LOUIS, Mo. – The Missouri Baptist Mammography Van will be at the 9th Annual Living Fit Expo on January 27th. Providers from the hospital will be at the event offering other health screenings, as well. Laura Ferree of Missouri Baptist showed how the van offers much the same 2-D mammography services offered at the hospital. The event is hosted by “Yoga & Spa Magazine”. Publisher Stacy Oliver Neal explains how proceeds from the event’s Tesla Experience will help support the efforts […]