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I suppose you could say my television career started as a contestant on The $25,000 Pyramid. I was in college, my partner was Gladys Knight, and no, I did not win (I blame Gladys). All these years later, I find myself in a real TV job with less money at stake, but just as much pressure and just as much fun.

I never dreamed I would be getting up at 3am to go to work and eating lunch by 9am. (Who knew fish or pasta would taste good at that hour?) I'll admit it, it ain't easy, but I'm willing to make some strange concessions to do a job I love.

In real life, there's nothing I love more than snow skiing. Sports, travel, theatre and live music are also at the top of my list. When Sting comes to town, you know where I'll be.

Through the years, I've gotten to interview some very interesting people...from Presidents Clinton and Bush...to Jennifer Lopez…even John Travolta. In this biz, you never know who you'll meet next.

I started at FOX 2 in 1996 as a general assignment reporter, then became co-anchor of FOX 2 News Weekend. I moved into the role of morning newscaster in 1998.

Prior to St. Louis, I worked in Columbia, Missouri, Sioux Falls, South Dakota, and Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was born in Alabama, grew up in Missouri, earned a Bachelor's Degree at Baylor University in Texas, and a Master's Degree from Columbia University in New York. Out of all those places, St. Louis is my favorite. I'm happy to call this home.

Thanks for watching, and if you see my old Pyramid episode on The Game Show Network, please change the channel! Bad '80s hair.

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    (KTVI)-It’s Peter Jackson’s final trip to Middle Earth. The filmaker’s “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” earned a whopping $117.6 million at the worldwide box office this weekend. It opens in the U.S. Wednesday, December 17. FOX 2 recently got the exclusive interview with the cast of “The Hobbit.” Kevin Steincross sat down with the three main elves and asked if they got “special treatment” on set.

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    Actor Jamie Foxx opens up about Ferguson protests

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    (KTVI)- Eddie Redmayne is the best actor Oscar front-runner for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking.  Kevin talks with Redmayne and his co-star, Felicity Jones, about the roles that may bring them a little gold statue.

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    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – Check out the latest DVD releases including 22 Jump Street, And So It Goes, If I Stay and Sin City.

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    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – It was a case that made headlines around the world. The film, “Foxcatcher” is based on true events.  The movie tells the story of two brothers who uproot their lives to train for the Olympics. It tragically ends in murder.  Nancy Schultz, widow of David Schultz, joins us to talk about what it was like seeing her life played on the big screen. There will be screening this Friday night at the  St. Louis International […]