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Mandy Murphey is anchor of Fox 2 news at 5 and 9 p.m. Mandy became a full time anchor of FOX 2 News in January 1993, only a year and a half after she joined KTVI FOX 2 as the Contact 2 reporter.

Mandy has been honored with 13 Emmy awards and 4 Edward R. Murrow awards. She prides herself on being an anchor who can report. In 2011, Mandy celebrated her 20th anniversary with KTVI.

She has been promoted numerous charitable organizations over the years. Mandy has served on the board of directors for Share Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Inc. She is committed to helping families through the grieving process after the loss of a child to miscarriage, stillbirth or shortly after birth.

Before joining FOX 2, Mandy worked in both radio and television. At WPSD-TV in Paducah, Kentucky she was an anchor, consumer reporter and news producer. Mandy graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism.

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Recent Articles
  • Understanding the warning signs of postpartum psychosis

    ST. LOUIS – The recent murder-suicide involving a south St. Louis family struck a nerve among women across the country. It is bringing postpartum psychosis into the spotlight. Moms who appear to have it all can snap quickly and take their life as well as those in their own family. On February 2, 32-year-old Mary Jo Trockey shot and killed her husband, Mathew, and their 3-month-old daughter, Taylor Rose. In the days following the tragedy, psychologists said it was clear […]

  • Sullivan company unveils bulletproof panels for school classrooms

    SULLIVAN, Mo. – Executive Wood Products in Sullivan, Missouri unveiled a prototype for its new antiballistic shields made for classrooms. The rolling panels are capable of stopping an AK-47 or even a sniper rifle. Executive Wood is already the largest supplier of antiballistic lecterns and furniture for the federal government. The founder decided he needed to make something cost effective to protect children in schools, as well. The 4×6 panels can be rolled in front of a door or window. […]

  • Woman with lymphedema goes from beauty queen to hiding from the public

    ST. LOUIS – Amy Rivera suffers from a disease that affects up to 10 million Americans and many people know little about it. Today one of her legs is much larger than the other. She’s come a long way. Amy had lymphedema since birth but didn’t realize it. It never bothered her. She won Miss Junior America in 1999. Left untreated, lymphedema can kill you because your body’s lymphatic system can’t process the bacteria and it often settles in an […]

  • Kirkwood shooting: Details from families of survivors, those who were killed

    KIRKWOOD, Mo. – Ten years ago, the St. Louis area was in shock after a gunman had killed five people inside Kirkwood City Hall. A regular city council meeting had just started on the night of February 7, 2008. Minutes into the meeting, Kirkwood resident Cookie Thorton burst into the room with two guns. He had just shot Officer Tom Biggs in the head outside of the courthouse. Thornton took his gun and opened fire on the city officials with […]

  • Hollywood battle over frozen embryos, has St. Louis connection

    ST. LOUIS – A St. Louis attorney is leading the battle over the custody of Sophia Vergara and Nick Loeb’s frozen embryos. Jaleshia McQueen filed a new lawsuit on behalf of Loeb last week in Louisiana asking for full custody the two embryos that are still in California. Loeb, an actor, and entrepreneur spoke with Fox 2 about how he has now established residency in Louisiana. Louisiana is one of the only states in the country that sees embryos as […]

  • High-tech baby monitor giving parents peace of mind

    The Owlet Sock Monitor is the latest gadget on the market to give worried and anxious parents of newborns peace of mind. Parents are terrified of SIDS. The Owlet monitor measures a baby’s oxygen saturation and heart rate through a tiny monitor in a sock. It sends an alert to the base and to the parents’ cellphone when any of those levels are elevated. The American Academy of Pediatrics says there’s no evidence that monitoring the vital signs of healthy […]

  • St. Louis on track to set new opioid related death record

    ST. LOUIS – The St. Louis area could set a new record this year for opioid deaths because fentanyl is being added to heroin and it’s killing people. According to the National Council Against Drug Abuse (NCADA) in St. Louis, it’s not that more people are using heroin, but more people are dying because of fentanyl being mixed with the heroin. Opioid treatment specialists are also seeing an increase of addicted pregnant women seeking help. The Queen of Peace Center in the […]

  • Family talks about house fire that claimed 4-year-old’s life

    POCAHONTAS, Ill. – Some days, Jeremia and Tarah Nance find it hard to get out of bed. Some days are better than others. They’re trying to put one foot in front of the other and start their lives over after a fire destroyed all of their belongings and claimed the life of their four-year-old daughter at their home in Pocahontas, Illinois. The fire started in the middle of the night on October 4. Tarah woke up and smelled smoke. She […]

  • St. Louis man’s incredible weight loss journey an internet sensation

    Sean Mulroney will tell you he’s lost a million pounds and gained it all back. He’s tried every diet out there and nothing has worked. Sean got up to 687 pounds and almost died. When his daughter was born last year, Sean decided he wanted to be there to walk her and her two sisters down the aisle. Since January, Sean has lost 110 pounds by working out, drinking lots of water, and changing his diet. Sean posted his workouts […]

  • Chimp attack survivor finds a new mission in life

    OLIVETTE, Mo. – Andrew Oberle survived being mauled from head to toe by chimpamzees in South Africa five years ago.  After 26 surgeries, he’s about to embark on a new job helping others who go through traumatic injuries. Oberle is helping to create a program at St. Louis University that will bring all patients services together to give patients even better care. Oberle knows the physical and mental struggle of living through pain and disfigurement.  He is counseling other patients as they […]

  • Woman paralyzed by stray bullet fighting to walk again

    ST. LOUIS – The family of the girl paralyzed by a stray bullet from a suspect’s high-powered rifle says their lives have been turned upside down. Tamara Collier was doing laundry in her mother’s apartment when she was struck by a stray bullet and paralyzed. The suspected shooter had just wounded two police officers who were standing behind the apartment. The bullet went through the walls, through Tamara’s neck, and then several more walls. Mia Caddell, Tamara’s mother, said her […]

  • Father gets unexpected news moments before surgery to donate liver to daughter

    CARLINVILLE, Ill. – A Carlinville dad was just minutes away from giving his infant daughter a liver transplant when everything changed for them at St. Louis Children’s hospital. Braylee Frankford got sick not long after she was born. She’s 19-months-old now, but was near death a year ago. Braylee didn’t have a gall bladder and doctors had to connect her intestine directly to the liver so the bile could drain. But Braylee continued to get sicker. She was rushed to […]