Since joining FOX 2 News as a general assignment reporter in June 1985, Roche Madden has reported on stories from Saudi Arabia to the former Soviet Union to San Francisco.

He recently covered Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. Madden traveled to Saudi Arabia to report on preparations for Operation Desert Storm and how Scott Air Force Base was playing an important roll. In San Francisco Madden followed a group of St. Louis officials to California where they learned about earthquake preparedness. In Russia Madden followed troops who took part in Provide Hope, a program which air lifted food and medicine to the former Soviet Union.

In what he considers the highlight of his career, Madden joined Pope John Paul II as he traveled from Rome to Mexico City to St. Louis.

Madden won an Emmy Award for his reporting on flood coverage in the St. Louis area. In 1996 Madden won an Emmy for live spot news coverage.

Before coming to St. Louis, Madden spent five years in Tulsa, Oklahoma and nearly two years in Midland, Texas where he anchored the news.

Madden majored in broadcast journalism at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas.

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    Missouri lawmakers hold hearing to discuss Syrian refugees

    JEFFERSON CITY, MO (KTVI) – A worldwide debate is under consideration in Jefferson City. Lawmakers are discussing whether it is safe to allow Syrian refugees to settle in the Show Me State. Senators and representatives held a joint hearing at the capitol Tuesday. One side said it’s all about security, the other said refugees are sufficiently checked before coming to the U.S. Senator Jamilah Nasheed, a democrat, said, “We have a very rigorous and vetting process.” Republicans like Marsha Haefner […]

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    Uber and Planned Parenthood out to help make Thanksgiving eve safer

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Thanksgiving eve is a huge night for bars and restaurants across the area. College students come home and go out to meet up with friends. Bars and restaurants look forward to the evening every year. They do a tremendous business. Two very different groups were making sure people were safe on the roads and in the bedroom Thursday night. The folks at Planned Parenthood launched a condom crawl. Officials said there’s a chance some people may […]

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    Hunter uses atlatl to take 15-point buck in St. Charles County

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    Disabled man’s van recovered, but badly damaged

    BELLEVILLE, IL (KTVI) – Police recovered a van stolen from a disabled man only to learn it was badly damaged.  Tom Biekert has been in a wheelchair for about ten years.  Biekert said, “I was very happy they found it.” Biekert’s van has a wheelchair lift and has given Tom years of freedom, freedom to get out and about. Thursday morning someone stole the disabled man’s van from the driveway of his home in Belleville. Saturday it was discovered in […]

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    Winter weather blows through St. Louis area

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Across the St. Louis area folks woke up to snowflakes falling. For some, a welcome sight; one woman said, “We’re loving it I finally get to wear my coats my hat.” When the snow moved out the winds picked up and the temperature dropped. Those conditions had little impact on Chaminade football fans.  One fan said, “Perfect, this is great football weather.” Although they were sitting on metal seats they seemed oblivious to the cold, after […]

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    St. Ann police show public confiscated drugs, guns

    ST. ANN, MO (KTVI) – A huge number of confiscated high powered guns and bags of drugs were on display at the St. Ann Police Department Thursday evening as part of a public event to show folks what it’s like to have the job of a cop. St. Ann citizens had the chance to go behind closed doors and find out firsthand what their city police are doing and what they’re up against. Tables full of evidence were put on […]

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    St. Louisans discuss crime and raise money for gun buyback program

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – It was quite a night of crime fighting Tuesday night in St. Louis city with citizens taking the lead.  Folks gathered at a church to meet with police, supporters of a gun buy-back program raised money to support their cause and charges were filed in a gun case that attracted a lot of attention.  Kilwa Jones was charged by federal officials with shooting Chris Sanna after a Cardinal’s game in September.  It left Sanna paralyzed.  His […]

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    Heavy rainfall making life miserable

    HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI) – Heavy rains created a nasty, soaking night in metro St. Louis. Amy Vallotton was out in the miserable weather, “It’s horrible, feel like you need a boat, it’s horrible the highways are bad it’s hard to see the highways.” Rain slick roads slowed the Tuesday evening rush hour to a crawl on Interstate 64 near Mason. Down the highway in Wentzville it appeared the rain was moving sideways like a curtain.  Matt Schuler was driving through […]

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    Esperanza Diamond to go on display in Kirkwood

    KIRKWOOD, MO (KTVI) – The Esperanza Diamond, the most valuable diamond ever discovered in the United States, will spend the next few days on display in Kirkwood. The owner of Summa’s Jewelry also owns part of the diamond. Store owner Jim Summa, a certified gemologist who’s been in the jewelry business for more than four decades, said he had trouble finding the right words to describe what the diamond means to him. “Enormous. Biggest deal in my career,” he said. […]

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    MSD prepared for forecast of significant rainfall

    HAZELWOOD, MO (KTVI) – Lots of rain is in the forecast, and at least one area road is already under water.  In Hazelwood, Aubuchon Road between Teson and Missouri Bottom was closed after high water swept over it. Metropolitan Sewer District officials said they are prepared for what is forecast.  MSD has more than 160 thousand inlets.  Falling leaves can slow the flow of water into the inlets.  Crews work year round to keep sewers flowing. Unless there is a […]

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    Missouri marijuana group rallies around sick vet facing drug charges

    WAYNESVILLE, MO (KTVI) – A Missouri group trying to legalize marijuana rallies around a sick veteran who is facing a drug charge. The vet says hemp helps him cope with his Leukemia. Members of the Missouri Cannabis Restoration and Protection Act gathered in front of the Crocker Police Department on Friday. They`re here to support Delpert McKinnon, he`s has leukemia and says he uses marijuana to feel better, that led to a felony charge against him. “I get dizzy sometime, […]