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If you watch FOX 2 News In the Morning, you probably know all there is to know about me. I think I was absent the day they taught the class on sharing too much personal information. Did I mention that I broke my nose?

Anyway, just in case you missed it, here's the scoop on me.

I'm six foot-three, a massive 155 pounds and built like a brick outhouse. Don't let the cameras fool ya, TV doesn't do me justice!

I have dry skin and a mild case of the tetter. That's probably what kept me from getting the gig as Dick Ford's replacement on the anchor desk!

Did I mention that I broke my nose? I've also had six kidney stones. Four more, and my wife will have the most unique anniversary band on the face of the planet.

Recent Articles
  • chrismcgovern

    Photographer Chris McGovern remembers the fun he’s had with Tim

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) -Tim Ezell and FOX 2 photographer Chris McGovern have been an awesome tag team.  They’ve found ways to “find the funny” and bring it to you every morning. Chris talks about his favorite Tim Ezell moment and what he’ll miss about his friend.

  • Tim Top Moment # 2

    (KTVI)- Tim talks with Angel about the second Tim top moment. Angel booked a bull for Tim, little did everyone know he was going to ride it! She finds out what happened to Tim while she was leaving for vacation. Tim proves that he’s not a chicken by welcoming another animal, a snake. Ronnie Sipp, from Critter Lane Petting Zoo, stops by with a few animals. For more information about Critter Lane visit critterlanepettingzoo.com

  • Mad science with dangerous Dan

    (KTVI)- Dangerous Dan, from Mad Science, joins Tim with mad science! Dan demonstrates a few experiments making a firework with iron powder, making a balloon filled with hydrogen explode, and much more! For more information about Mad Science visit their website at stlouis.madscience.org

  • Tim and Kim square off in a sumo wrestling match

    (KTVI)- Bott Radio Network is sponsoring “Faith & Family Night” with the River City Rascals hosting the Zanesville Greys. It will be held on Friday, July 25th, at 7:05 p.m. Lisa Fegley, with the River City Rascals, and Joy Elder, from Bott Radio Network, talk all about the event. Before the game there will be pregame testimonials by Rascal’s players, bible trivia, Christian rock music, and much more. The River City Rascals field is located at 900 T.R. Hughes Blvd., […]

  • Tim talks with Angel about producing the 9am show

    (KTVI)-  Angel James is the producer behind the scenes getting Tim into all of his adventures! Today, Tim and Angel looked back at some of the things he’s gotten her to do for television!

  • Delicious barbecue from Pappy’s Smokehouse

    (KTVI)- Mike Emerson, for Pappy’s Smokehouse, stops by the studio with some delicious barbecue. For more information about Pappy’s Smokehouse visit their website at pappyssmokehouse.com

  • Ever have trouble opening your nail polish bottle?

    (KTVI)- Mathew Bradford and Cindy Tran have the solution, with the Cap Ninja! Cap Ninja was thoughtfully created locally in St. Louis, Missouri, by a very small company, Bradford Tech, LLC and invented by Mathew Bradford & Cindy Tran. Cap Ninja is an exclusive tool that provides a shockingly superior grip when opening commonly stuck, nail polish bottle caps. It provides a universal design that will fit any nail polish bottle as well as functions as a gripper when painting […]

  • Duchesne High School hockey cheerleaders show support for Tim

    (KTVI)- The hockey cheerleaders from Duchesne High School visit Tim during hisn last week at FOX 2. The brought two cheers and a gift for Tim.  The gift includes all the ingredients to the hockey club’s traditional spaghetti dinner.

  • Magician Kieth Jozsef saws Tim in half!

    (KTVI)- Long time guest, and friend, Magician Kieth Jozsef stops by the studio to show appreciation to Tim, by sawing him in half! To learn more about Jozsef visit his website at keithjozsef.com  

  • Weaver family, St. Louis Wing Co. say thank you to Tim

    (KTVI)- Tim many emails from viewers over the years.  A lot of people have said Tim had helped their lives. Most of all, the Weaver family emailed Tim about a particularly touching yet heartbreaking story. The Weavers lost their father a few years ago. They had always watched Tim and the 9 am news with their father when they were younger. They still do to this day to keep those memories alive. Along with the Weaver family, STL Wing Co […]

  • SIX in 7th year at Branson, MO

    (KTVI)- Dubbed “An Orchestra of Human Voices” SIX combines the musical showmanship and boundless energy of six remarkable brothers; Barry, Kevin, Lynn, Jak, Owen and Curtis. Their intense high-octane energy, electrifying stage presence, and powerhouse vocals combine to create a truly amazing entertainment experience. Six voices, zero instruments…all music! Now in their seventh year in Branson, MO, SIX has perfected the vocal sounds of more than just lyrics, but also instrumentation and sound effects. The playlist for their current show […]

  • Kevin’s Reel World: DVD Tuesday

    (KTVI)- Kevin and Tim talk about the new DVD releases for this week. Some of the popular ones are Rio 2, Under the Skin, and A Day Late and a Dollar Short.