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Tom O'Neal, veteran St. Louis news reporter and anchor with 41 years of experience as a broadcast journalist (nearly all of them here in St. Louis), joined FOX 2 in 1990. Currently he co-anchors FOX 2 News at 5 and FOX 2 News at 9 Monday through Friday.

Formerly with KSDK-TV, Tom has won several national, state and local awards for outstanding reporting in the fields of medicine and education including three Emmy Awards. He is also a member of the prestigious Silver Circle, a group of professionals recognized for 25-plus years of contributions to St. Louis television and the community.

Tom works with the boards of several area charity organizations, including the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. His 17-year old son, Brandon, died of leukemia. He's also closely involved with Basket of Hope, a charity for children diagnosed with cancer and their families.

Tom is a big sports fan and in his spare time enjoys working out, riding motorcycles, playing golf, and reading.

A native Missourian, Tom graduated from the University of Missouri-Kansas City with a B.A. in speech.

Recent Articles
  • Tom O’Neal says goodbye to Fox 2 viewers

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – Friday’s newscast is my last here at Fox 2. I am retiring after an interesting and rewarding 43-year career in broadcasting. I’ve been very fortunate to spend 41 of those years covering the news here in St. Louis – a great town with great people. I’ve enjoyed working here at Fox 2 for 25 of those years. I’ve been privileged to work with a lot of bright, talented, and hard-working people behind and in front of […]

  • Catching up with Big Red quarterback Jim Hart

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – It’s been three decades since Jim Hart was calling signals for the Football Cardinals. Before that, he spent almost two decades at quarterback for the Big Red. Now retired to Naples, Florida, he comes back to St. Louis every year for the Jim Hart Celebrity Golf Classic. It’s a fundraiser for Sunnyhill, Inc. which provides services for adults and children with disabilities. That’s where I caught up with Jim for a visit about everything from his […]

  • FOX 2’s Bobby Hughes returns after health scare

    (KTVI) – Some of you viewers have been asking about Bobby Hughes. Our overnight guy covering breaking news has been gone for a few weeks. After a health scare, he’s back manning the new Nissan Rogue Runner. Bobby was experiencing leg pain after aggravating an old back injury. He went to St. Anthony’s Medical Center for an MRI. This time, it was the doctor delivering the news, and it wasn’t good. During the MRI, doctors spotted an abdominal aortic aneurysm, […]

  • St. Louis woman among first to try treatment for diabetic eye disease

    ST. LOUIS (KTVI) – About 13 percent of all people with diabetes will develop diabetic macular edema. It’s a disease affecting the macula, the part of the retina responsible for central vision. Blood vessels in the retina begin to leak fluid and affect vision. Dr. Nancy Holekamp, director of Retina Diseases and the Center for Macular Degeneration at Pepose Vision Institute, says it’s the leading cause of moderate vision loss in people under 65 who have diabetes. She adds that […]

  • Southern Illinois man first in the region to get new heart assist device

    DONGOLA, IL (KTVI) – 49-year old John Miller, a construction worker from Dongola, Illinois was feeling weak and having trouble breathing. He figured he had pneumonia or the flu. He was stunned when doctors diagnosed him with congestive heart failure last March and told him he would need a heart transplant. They suspect a virus attacked his heart. It was scary for John and his wife, Laura and they worried he wouldn’t be there for their seven kids and three […]

  • Doctors at Shriners Hospital help fulfill a young woman’s dream of walking

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A year and a half after Maria Del Carmen arrived at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in St. Louis, she is heading back home to Colombia, South America with her dreams of walking on the road to being fulfilled. She still uses crutches while she heals, but has also begun taking small steps on her own. That’s something you and I take for granted, but it was a hard-earned gift for Maria. Maria grew up struggling to […]

  • Custody fight over pet pig

    ST. LOUIS – A pet pig, stuck in the middle of a custody battle. Dawn Blackburn wants to take care of ‘Randy’ the pig after the man she sold it to can’t keep it at his home. He returned it to the Humane Society of Missouri, who tracked the microchip to Blackburn, the breeder. She says Humane Society officials told her they don’t deal with breeders. HSMO officials tell Fox 2 the pig is going to its Long Meadow Ranch […]

  • Water skier beats leukemia, wins national title

    (KTVI)– Erin Kalkbrenner of St. Charles is an elite water skier. She had twice won first in jump and first overall in the USA Water Ski Championships. In 2013, she was gunning for her third national title. But she knew something was wrong when her training left her exhausted. She was right. In July of last year, Erin was diagnosed with A.L.L. (acute lymphoblastic leukemia). She spent 68 days in Siteman Cancer Center getting chemotherapy, radiation and finally a stem […]

  • Heart ablation procedure gives a Belleville man new lease on life

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Three million Americans are affected by atrial fibrillation, the most common heart rhythm disorder. More common in older people, a Belleville, IL man was diagnosed at age 24. Washington University doctors were able to fix the problem and end years of worrying. Greg Peppers, a fit 44-years old, exercises regularly to stay in shape. But he recalls that day 20 years ago, when his world and Navy career started to turn upside down. “One day I was […]

  • Doctors hope to retrain brain damaged by stroke

    ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Doctors at Washington University School of Medicine are trying to see if they can re-train the brain to help stroke patients regain the use of paralyzed limbs. Neurosurgeon Eric Leuthardt, who organized the study, explains it involves trying to get the healthy part of the brain to take over the functions of the part damaged by stroke. We know that typically the left side of the brain activates when we move the right side of the […]

  • Local man is eyewitness to Israeli- Palestinian conflict

    (KTVI) – Sam Friedman says his life in Israel is quite a contrast to his life growing up in St. Louis County. His parents still live there. Friedman graduated from Truman State before heading to Tel Aviv a year ago to work in the high tech industry. He says things have been hectic and unpredictable since the current conflict began. Friedman says you never know what’s going to happen next. Sirens sound two or three times a day, sending people […]

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    After a stabbing death last month, an arrest has been made

    (KTVI)- An arrest has been made on onday for a stabbing death that was committed last month. Police say that Ben Jones is being charged with second degree murder, and being held without bond. They say the victim and another person met Jones, to buy drugs, late May 19th. Investigators are saying that Jones stabbed the man while arguing over the price of the drugs.