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Michelle Madaras joined FOX2/ KPLR11 news team in March of 2017 as a reporter and producer. Before moving to St. Louis she worked at WSIL News 3 in southern Illinois where she anchored their weekend morning show, reported and produced.

Michelle’s career began at WCIA in Champaign, Illinois. She started as an intern there in 2012, but was soon after hired to produce their morning show while she finished her journalism degree at the University of Illinois. During her time at the U of I, Michelle also had the opportunity to intern at NBC5 Chicago and write for a local newspaper that covers the Chicagoland suburbs.

When Michelle isn’t out reporting or working hard in the newsroom she enjoys yoga, golf and playing fetch with her dog Finn. Michelle is also a lifelong competitive figure skater and coaches in her spare time.

Recent Articles
  • Murder, robbery charges filed against suspect in August quadruple homicide

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, Mo. – Homicide detectives in north St. Louis County have a person custody in connection with a quadruple homicide from earlier this summer.  On Friday, police announced that a suspect, later identified as Ja’Vonne Dupree, 20, of the 5300 block of Arsenal Street in St. Louis, was arrested in Columbia, MO. On Saturday, the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office charged Dupree with four counts of Murder in the 1st Degree, four counts of Robbery in the […]

  • St. Louis shoppers out to score the best Black Friday deals

    ST. LOUIS – It’s Black Friday and shoppers are out in full force trying to score the best deals. The stores were crowded but manageable thanks to extra staff. Most shoppers were in good spirits. Parking was an issue at several malls. At West County Center shoppers went store to store trying to nab the best deals. Mall representatives say this is the busiest shopping day of the entire year and the Saturday before Christmas is the second busiest. Store […]

  • Metro Public Safety adds two new K-9 officers

    ST. LOUIS – Next time you ride the Metro buses or Metrolink you might notice more K-9 officers. The Metro Public Safety Unit is adding two new dogs, bringing the total to four for their department. “Some dogs are trained to be drug dogs. Some dogs are trained to detect explosives. And our passengers like to see the dogs as well,” says Richard Zott Chief of Public Safety for Metro Transit. He says Metro has used K-9s for the last five years and it has led to many arrests, but the dogs also help deter crime. “Lot of […]

  • Indoor-outdoor sports complex to be built in St. Peters or at Mills Mall

    ST. LOUIS – A multi-million dollar sports complex will soon call the St. Louis area home, but it’s still undecided where exactly that will be. Developers say it’s down to two locations for the new Powerplex facility. It will either be at St. Louis Mills Mall or over at a lot in St. Peters, but they want to get the input from the two communities before they make a decision. “The entertainment industry for youth sports is literally a billion-dollar […]

  • Jackpot grows to over $700K in Queen of Hearts drawing

    AVISTON, IL – Thousands of people flocked to the small town of Aviston, Illinois Wednesday night for a chance to win over $700,000. The drawing was held at the Aviston American Legion Post Wednesday night at 8 pm. It was the weekly Queen of Hearts drawing and since no one has won in 42 weeks, the jackpot is huge. Shortly after 8 pm, the King of diamonds was drawn, meaning the Queen of Hearts drawing will continue into its 43rd […]

  • SLU celebrating big birthday with public service project

    ST. LOUIS – How do you show you care? Some say it’s how much time you share. Saint Louis University is calling everyone to join their volunteer project. “Everyone coming together when times are tough and just to work together to improve your community. I think it’s cool that everyone is doing it as a team and show it that way with the clock and everything,” said student Allison Noonan. The clock celebrates SLU’s 200th anniversary, but University President Fred Pestello said […]

  • Halloween begins in earnest this weekend across St. Louis

    You can order Halloween costumes and even Halloween candy right to your doorstep. But many people are leaving the house this weekend for an early start on the holiday. Fox 2’s Michelle Madaras reports on how some are already celebrating.

  • St. Charles County family lucky to be alive after discovering carbon monoxide leak in home

    ST. CHARLES COUNTY, Mo. – It’s starting to get a bit colder out and many of us are turning on our heat for the first time this year. But first responders say before you do, get your furnace checked. The warning comes after a close call for a St. Charles County family discovered a carbon monoxide leak in their home Wednesday morning. Cottleville Assistant Fire Chief Skip Stephens said carbon monoxide is a silent killer. “It’s a poisonous gas. It’s […]

  • Illinois lawmakers considering stricter gun laws after Las Vegas massacre

    SPRINGFIELD, IL – Illinois lawmakers are considering stricter gun laws in the wake of the Las Vegas shooting from earlier this month. Currently, there are a few bills on the table right now that revolve around banning bump stocks on guns; basically, a device that speeds up the rate of firing; turning a semi-automatic weapon into something close to an automatic one. Democratic State Representative Martin Moylan`s bill passed through committee Tuesday.  It would ban any type of trigger modification […]

  • State Representative calls trash dumping in North City neighborhood a health hazard

    ST. LOUIS – It’s more than just an eye sore, it’s a health hazard. Dumping is a big issue in the Baden neighborhood and community leaders say the city needs to play a bigger role in the cleanup. “I don’t suggest anyone drive down through the alley’s,” says resident Jim Wadum. Littered with trash, tires, old furniture, and broken glass even 10-year-old Allante Blackmon knows the alley by his house isn’t a safe place to play. He says his bike […]

  • ‘Valor’ stars discuss CW Network premiere

    ST. LOUIS, MO — The CW fall line up is making it’s debut this week and that includes “Valor.” The show follows a female helicopter pilot who’s one of the first in her unit along with her commanding officer. Together they try to figure out  what happened during their failed rescue mission and that brings them even closer. This show isn’t just about the romance though, there’s a lot of action and the story line keeps you guessing. FOX 2’s Michelle Madaras sat down with the cast for a preview. […]

  • St. Louis Chapter of American Red Cross sending supplies to Texas

    ST. LOUIS COUNTY, MO – Volunteers from the St. Louis Chapter of the American Red Cross spent Sunday morning helping those displaced by Hurricane Harvey. They loaded tractor trailers full of supplies that will be headed south. All totaled over the weekend, the Red Cross in St. Louis will have sent enough supplies to shelter 24,000 people. If you like to donate, visit: www.redcross.org