***More big heat and humidity on Tuesday…Tuesday being the hottest of the week…a cold front cuts in on Wednesday..in the morning with some storms(nothing widespread)…then pleasant weather late week and into the weekend***

The two players of summer still very much in play the next several days…the summer dome of high pressure and the northwest flow. The northwest flow will retreat a little to the north and that will allow the dome of summer to expand and flex its muscles into the middle of the nation. Big time heat and humidity in play Tuesday…again Tuesday the hottest of the week..if we are going to hit 100 this July…this would be the possible day. A cold front rolls in on Wednesday…not a lot of support for thunderstorms…but thinking there will be some scattered strong storms…a timing question at this point in time. Slightly cooler Wednesday…this is a polar front…so pleasant weather…cooler and drier air for Thursday, Friday and the weekend…dave murray