*** A very non-Fall weekend on the way with temperatures running 10 to 20 degrees above average…even pleasant at night…Monday maybe a run at a record high***

An amazing non-Fall weekend of weather on the way…a very quiet pattern with plenty of sunshine and light winds and very mild temperatues for this time of year…I don’t see any records this weekend…but we could be close to a record on Monday along with increasing winds.

The Records:
Saturday: 87 (1940)
Sunday: 86 (1940)
Monday: 85 (1950)

Keep in mind…the typical high temperature this time of year is 65 degrees.

Late Monday night and Tuesday a stronger cold front rolls into town with developing rain and some thudnerstorms…no sure of the severe weather shot at this point…but something to keep an eye on…the front will be bringing a solid temperature control and a pretty good surge of moisture up from the south. Once that front goes by…all is quiet, dry and cooler…but a cool of where we should be this time of year.

*** The peak at Halloween Friday…Cool and dry…no rain and no storms…that will be different***…dave murray