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Ivory Wave: Worse Than Cocaine and Legal?

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FOX 2 found stores pushing a potentially deadly substance. Investigator Chris Hayes caught them in the act. It's called Ivory Wave. A former drug user told us, "This could put drug dealers out of business." It's sold as a "novelty product" and marketed as $35 bath salts. A former cocaine user says that's just a cover. He said, "The guy behind the counter kind of did a 'sniff, sniff' gesture with his nose."

The former cocaine user, who says he's been clean for years, told us he tried snorting Ivory Wave after he was told its legal.

He showed us the product, pointed to it, and said, "That stuff right there is -- I'd say 10 times more powerful than cocaine and lasts 10 times longer [Hayes asked] You're serious [Former User] I'm dead serious."

He said he's not sure someone else would've survived, "It's way more than I expected. It's too powerful for me and and I'm a grown man."

We went undercover where he bought it, Nights of Rave, Smoke Sensations on Page Avenue in St. Louis County. The salesman openly pushed it.

An undercover Fox2 representative asked, "What does it do?" [Salesman] "Whatever you want it to do." [Fox2 rep.] [Laughs] [Salesman] Well it's pretty much, the blue one is Ivory Wave, the blue is more like uh --- cocaine high. [Fox2 rep.] Ok, then how do you use it I guess my question.. [Salesman] Pretty much [salesman sniffs] yep same way, same way. It does the same affect. You don't have, you don't crash."

We bought it and took it straight to the St. Louis County Medical Examiner's Office. Dr. Chris Long said he would find out what's inside the package of Ivory Wave. The ingredients list concentrated water softening agents and epsom salts. The package also says "not for human consumption."

A week later, Dr. Long revealed his results. He said "10 million counts on both of those. So that's pretty heavy duty." Dr. Long found a potentially deadly combination of Lidocaine and Pyrovalerone -- a hallucinogen that stimulates the Central Nervous System.

Dr. Long added, "I'm sure that with people doing this we'll have deaths." Long said he'll publish his findings in a medical journal entry to warn other doctors about what Ivory Wave might do to patients.

He said, "You're going to get a spike in blood pressure, a spike in cardiac output and if there's any weakness in any of your arteries, it'll pop a vessel so you could have a stroke very quickly."

Back to the store where we tried to share the results of our test on Ivory Wave, the man who said he runs "Nights of Rave" didn't want to hear it. He yelled, "Get outta here with that f*&%in camera."

Secretary of State records list Pam Tabatt as the agent for the store. Tabatt, featured earlier in a Fox 2 report about the now banned synthetic pot -K2, also operates the South 94 Bait, Tackle and Smoke Shop. We called -- asking for "Ivory Wave" and an employee said they had it in stock. But when we arrived with our camera, Tabatt said she didn't have it and threatened to call the Sheriff. She then called our station to say she's not selling what she called "cocaine Ivory Wave."

We checked about a dozen other head shops and found some who claimed they don't carry it and others that said they sometimes sell it. Just like synthetic pot K2, it appears there are already copy cats with this synthetic cocaine. Similar products to Ivory Wave are being sold under different names. We've notified the local police and the DEA.

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