Surprise! Florissant Woman Gives Birth In Bathroom

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Surprise, surprise! A Florissant, Missouri, woman went to the bathroom Tuesday and ended up having a baby. Jane Calvin says she didn't even know she was pregnant. She screamed for help. Mark Loving, the baby's father, was in the next room and was stunned to find the tiny girl. He grabbed a towel and called 911.

"I had to get a towel, clean the baby off, take the sac off her head, stick my finger in her mouth, clean her nose up and put her on her stomach and rub her back until she cried. I'm a doctor, now," Loving joked.

Calvin says, “I went into shock because I had no clue really, what just happened because I just freaked out.”

They considered several names, including Faith, Grace and Destiny. They named her "Faith". Both parents believe she is a miracle. She is their first child, weighing five pounds, 12 ounces. Calvin says her cycles stopped more than a year ago. She thought it was early menopause.

Friends and family have been frantically getting the house ready for Faith, who goes home Thursday.

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