List Of Missing Joplin People Released

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The Missouri Department of Public Safety has released a list of people from Joplin who are currently unaccounted for.  The list will be updated daily.  It is current at this time, as of 10:00am, Thursday, May 26.

More than 60 law-enforcement and emergency-management personnel, including Missouri State Highway Patrol troopers, State Emergency Management Agency staff, federal partners, and local detectives are working under the Department Of Public Safety’s direction on this top priority.

List Of Unaccounted For Persons

The names of these unaccounted-for individuals are being cross-referenced with all hospitals that admitted or treated patients injured during the tornado, shelters housing tornado survivors, applicants for disaster assistance and the Red Cross Safe and Well program.

Additionally, the Department of Public Safety is working with cell phone service providers to check whether cell phones have been used by individuals who have been on the unaccounted-for list since their names were added to the list.

Deputy Director Spillars also urged member of the public to help reduce the list and speed the process of reuniting tornado survivors with loved one by calling the Missouri State Highway Patrol Found-Persons Hotline: 417-895-6868.

To get direction on filing a report about an unaccounted-for individual, families and loved ones may call 417-659-5464 or file a report with the Highway Patrol in person at the Billingsley Student Center on the campus of Missouri Southern State University.

The Associated Press reports the first person on the list – Sally Adams, 75 – has already been found safe.  She was rescued by neighbors Sunday and taken to a nearby home.

An AP reporter found Adams sitting on a wooden chair and cuddling her pet cat Thursday. When AP told Adams she was listed as missing, she laughed and said “Get me off of there!”

Adams’ relatives say they called a hotline and posted Facebook messages saying she was missing. Adams lost her cell phone in the storm and had no way to reassure her family.

Her son Bill Adams says he told authorities his mother was alive after he learned she was safe, but she was still on the unaccounted-for list Thursday.