Drug Stings Net Dozens In Lincoln County

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Drug stings in Lincoln County, Missouri, brought in dozens of men and women. They also revealed the devastation left by drug use. Investigator Chris Hayes was there when the NET team took down suspects, and watched their lives crumble because of their drug abuse.

We watched as drugs tore apart two different families. What you’re about to see is so raw, we are concealing suspects’ identities, but it will not distract from the message of how drugs destroy lives.

One suspect whined, “I didn’t do nothing Momma.”

His mother covered his face. She was in disbelief after police said her son sold marijuana.

Major Raymond Floyd told her, “Come with me. I’ll show you the warrant real quick. That way you’ll know the bond ok?”

She stands in shock and it appeared for awhile that strong emotions could’ve turned to violence.

Mom yelled, “My Daniel.” [Major Floyd] “It’s not the end of the world. Come here and let me talk to you.”

Major Floyd’s skills in social work became his best weapon. The suspect was just one of more than 60 take downs in a recent sting by Lincoln County’s NET, short for ‘Narcotic Enforcement Team.’

Dozens of officers gathered for a briefing that morning, led by Major Floyd, “We’re going to tie into teams by jurisdiction, Moscow, Lincoln County, Winfield, Troy, Ellsberry, St. Charles. We do have two transport vans.”

The briefing was an attempt to prepare for the unknown.

Major Floyd showed the suspects in power point, “He may run,” about one man and “He allegedly tried to run over a police officer in Hannibal,” about another.

We soon found how one arrest took a twist no one could expect.

Police Officers ran up to the home in question and yelled, “Christy!!” A dog howled.

Major Floyd approached the front with Deputy Roger Mauzy Jr., who is Missouri’s Narcotics Officer of the Year.

Troy’s Police Chief ran to watch one rear corner of the house and another Troy officer watched the other back corner. They’re here to arrest the suspect for a drug possession charge.

Mauzy yelled, “Christy open the door or we’re going to kick it again.” He drew his gun, “I just saw you.”

Twenty seconds pass. Then a woman walked out the front door. [Major Floyd] “Do you have another lab in the house? [Christy] No, we do not [Floyd] Who else is inside? [Christy] John’s inside.”

The officers smell something. Major Floyd said, There’s a lab. [Christy] There ain’t no lab in there, I’m telling you. [Floyd] Step outside.”

In less than two minutes, officers find enough meth-making materials to arrest the husband.

[Floyd] “He can go too, There’s a lab.”

Floyd explained, “We go inside, see the toilet still running, where it’s just been freshly flushed, but there were chemicals out where they were probably getting ready or have been making meth.”

Then there was a revelation, Christy’s children were recently taken because of drugs.

Major Floyd said, “We’ve done a prior meth lab at this location where there were children present.” And now, the realization that ‘Mom’ may have blown her chance to get her kids back.

Floyd told her, “I don’t know about you, but any normal law abiding citizen is going to come to the door to see what the cops want, not run deeper inside the house.” He then added in frustration, “DCFS was here yesterday [Christy interrupted] No, today [Floyd continued] Well, what better opportunity to cook as soon as they freakin’ leave.”

At this point, after hearing denials and denial, Major Floyd gets the frightening truth.

He asked John, “Why don’t you stop? Shouldn’t be that hard.”

John replied, “Why doesn’t anybody stop really? I’ve been on it 25 years.” Major Floyd, “Well you know what’s going to happen? You’re either going to be going to prison the rest of your life or you’re going to die.” John said, “..ain’t got much time left.”

As the suspect admits his addiction is killing him, he shakes his head, and then drops it while holding back tears. He realizes his marriage, his family, everything he has, may have just disintegrated because of drugs.

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