FOX Files: Synthetic Cocaine Death Tied To Previous Investigation

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MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO ( — The family of a Pacific, Missouri, woman says synthetic cocaine killed her. Now they say they know where she bought it.

They say it came from the same smoke shop repeatedly exposed by investigator Chris Hayes, who first broke the story about these dangerous substances.

As other media have picked up on this story, they've called it “dangerous bath salts.” It's not, it's a dangerous hallucinogen, hidden in packaging that says “bath salts.”

We first bought it at Nights of Rave, Smoke Sensations on Page Avenue.

Toxicology tests on brands like Ivory Wave and Starry Nights show they contain the hallucinogen MDPV.

Now Kimi Tullock's family says a similar powder killed Tullock, 46, last week.

They said this powder was sold in a brand called "Sunny Day," pushed as an alternative to earlier brands we exposed in the FOX Files.

We tried warning the smoke shop owners, telling them about our results and several deaths linked to the synthetic cocaine.

But this past May, Pam Tabatt tried to blame the users for the problem, “What we're doing is legal, ok - alcohol is legal. When does it become the adult responsibility? Whatever they do is what they do and they have a consequence as well do they?”

Hayes followed up, saying. “A toxicologist has looked at this and said it could be stronger than cocaine.” Tabatt walked away with no further comment about the synthetic cocaine products she still sells.

Hayes went to Nights of Rave Monday where a saleswoman said they're still selling them, including the product "Sunny Day" which Kimi Tullock's family believes killed her.

Official toxicology reports could take months to come back.

The products are officially still legal until the end of the month, and it appears the dealers are going to try to make every last dollar they can until then.


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