Contact 2: Alarm Company Switch

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Door-to-door sales pick up when the weather's warm. Home security systems are no exception. Contact 2 talks to a couple with a complaint about an alarm company that left them unprotected. The system used by this couple was working just fine. But they say a confusing sales pitch left them unprotected for a few days.

Josephine and Don Hill have used the same security company for years. They say they'd heard nothing about their company merging with another. But they say a salesman came to their door claiming that's just what happened.

The new company is called Pinnacle, and the Hills signed with them. They came in, removed the couple's old system and put in a new one.

Their bank account was charged for two months worth of monitoring fees by Pinnacle, then their old company, Interface, sent a technician because of a loss of signal. It appears the fast talking salesman had gotten them to switch companies when no merger had taken place.

We called Pinnacle. They agreed to cancel the contract and refund the Hill's money. But a company spokesperson says their people follow a strict protocol when making door-to-door sales. They even have the homeowner talk with a representative over the phone with the salesman present.

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