Contact 2 : Web Computer Virus

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If you've ever dealt with a computer virus you know it can be a nightmare. What's worse is when someone calls you about a virus you didn't know existed. Well if you have a computer and a telephone you need to take note. Why?, because software vendors don't call you at home.

Tameka Thrist spends a lot of time on her computer. She pays bills and shops on line. So she was a little surprised when she got a voice mail message about her computer. A man with a heavy accent implied it was an urgent matter.

"He called back and got me. He told me that my computer had a virus and that he worked with Microsoft. So as I was talking to him, I asked him how do you know this. "Oh we see this on our system. I just need to take control of your computer so I can get it off." I was like, and how would you do that? "Well you give me your computer number and I'll have full access." said Tameka Thrist.

So will need to be careful, who has access to your computer.

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