You Paid For It – Questionable Property Assessment

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Wildwood, MO ( — A Wildwood resident calls the You Paid For It team after a questionable assessment of his used truck. The county assessors office says it's worth more than the year before.

Wildwood resident Paul Rauch's 4-year-old truck has been dropping in value every year, except this year. According to the assessor it went up in value instead of down as most vehicles do.

The assessor put the truck's value at $3,000 in 2010 but this year raised it to $3,320.

"But the big point is how many other people how many thousands of other people have they done this too." Said Paul Rauch.

You can call St. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman at: 314-615-5124

Remember if you spot questionable government spending make sure you call our hot-line at 1-800-846-KTVI.

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