You Paid For It: East St. Louis Alderman Pay

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EAST ST. LOUIS ( — One of the most alarming ‘You Paid For It’ confrontations ever. Investigator Elliott Davis tries to question an armed East St. Louis alderman about his pay. The encounter produces some tense moments laced with profanity.

I got an earful when I tried to question East St. Louis Councilman Delbert Marion before the start of the council meeting about their pay.

Marion who ran for East St. Louis mayor and lost, wears a gun to the East St. Louis council meetings because he's also chief of the Brooklyn Illinois Police Department.

Gun or not, I wanted to know why you had to pay East St. Louis aldermen so much.

There are 4 East St. Louis council members. In addition to their $15,000 a year salary, you also give them free health insurance, which cost you another $6,000 a year each.

In all taxpayers are shelling out a total of $157,620 for pay and health coverage benefits for council members, all in this poor community of just 27,000 people.

While East St. Louis alderman are getting a $15,000 a year salary plus health benefits, most of the surrounding city's I talk to pay their aldermen less money and no health benefits. Fairview Heights aldermen get $9,600 a year, Granite City alderman $7,500 and nothing else, Collinsville council members $3,000 a year, O’Fallon aldermen $4,800 a year, Edwardsville aldermen $6,000 a year and nothing else, Belleville alderman $10,700 and that's all, Alton alderman are paid $7,600.

Here's the person to call:

East St. Louis City Councilman Delbert Marion

And Here's the Number: 618-482-6670

Remember if you spot questionable government spending make sure you call our hotline: 1-800-846-KTVI

And don't forget to call Councilman Marion about this deal, after all ‘You Paid For It.’