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Tim Ezell’s Turkey Rub & Marinade

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You’ve seen Tim Ezell make his famous trukeys on TV for many years now.  Here are the recipes for both the sauce that is injected into the bird to marinate, and the rub for the outside of the turkey.

For the marinade:

1 part (small bottle) Italian dressing
1 part (small bottle) Crystal Hot Sauce

Strain the mixture to remove all chunks from salad dressing. Inject marinade all over the turkey.

For the rub:

1 part paprika
1 part ground black pepper
1 part brown sugar
1/2 part salt
1/2 part Tony Chacherie’s cajun seasoning (available at the grocery store)

Mix ingredients together and rub on outside of turkey. You can do this right before you pop in in the oven or fryer, or let it marinate overnight along with the marinade that you injected into the turkey.

Deep fry – enjoy!