Contact 2: BBB Warns Of Medicare Enrollment Sales Tactics

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We're about a week away from an important deadline for Medicare recipients--December 7th is the day open enrollment ends. The Better Business Bureau warns Medicare recipients to be wary of confusing sales tactics. New prescription and health plan choices are offered every year for Medicare patients. After receiving inquiries about a Bridgeton based company, the BBB reviewed a direct mail post card inviting seniors to receive a free copy of Medicare Coverage Options 2012.

The problem these consumers have is they received calls from Haberstroh Insurance Agency's Senior Health Group. Jim Judge of the BBB says this is misleading and bothersome for those people on the state's no call list. 'People are calling us after they fill out the Medicare information card and send it in. All of a sudden they`re getting phone calls from this company. The company comes out and tries to sell them insurance, and they feel like they`ve been mislead. That`s really what we want to warn people about, especially when you`re dealing with a group like senior citizens. '

In a written statement the owner of the company Richard D. Haberstrogh Jr. says: 'We outsource our leads to companies that specialize in direct mail for insurance companies. We did not design this lead card. The BBB suggested we look closer at the direct mail companies we use in the future and gave us suggestions that we will definitely adhere to. We apologize for any confusion. This unfortunate situation does not represent the Haberstroh Insurance agency or 21, 512 seniors we have helped with their insurance in 2011.' He goes on to say seven other insurance companies used the same post card mailer.

Finally the BBB suggests consumers be wary of mailings asking them to return contact information. By responding you are giving permission for personal contact it by telephone or a visit to your home.