Hundreds Battle Cold To Play In Charity Softball Tournament

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On a frozen-over Saturday morning, hundreds of people came through Forest Park to help support the Police Athletic League in a fundraiser.  The host team was the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Blue Heat.

"I had to actually turn guys away, because we have such a large team," said officer and team captain John Pierce.  "It's a fundraiser that Mardi Gras Inc. gets together and does for us every year.  We are about to raise somewhere like $5,000 for the league."

St. Louis City police officers host sports programs for area children.  The games help keep kids out of trouble.  But, players ran into trouble just trying to play.  The diamonds were frozen solid.

"We've had people slide in the outfield and the infield and miss routine plays." Pierce said.  "But, it's all in fun."

Mardi Gras Inc. offered a heated tent for hard-core players who just kept slamming chilled monster energy drinks.

It was so cold; it was confusing how this fundraiser could be so popular in 20-degree Fahrenheit weather.

"But, this is one of the biggest ones," Pierce explained.  "We really appreciate the folks.  A lot of the folks that are here are not police officers.  We've had a lot of fun doing it.  It's cold, but it's for a good cause."

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